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November 27, 2016
5 stars for great poster cover..
½ August 19, 2015
OMG!!!! But nahhhh now this is it! The last movie about stupid dolls now!!!
November 12, 2014
For a film with its title, it's pretty good. For a sequel to demonic toys- nope. But it's just enough silly fun to be watchable. 36/100
October 6, 2014
Charles Band seemingly envisioned himself as something of the Roger Corman of the 1990's, and the guy sure made a lot of movies that were on the thrifty side. During his reign over Full Moon, he never made a cheaper movie than "Dollman VS. Demonic Toys", which you can barely even call a movie.
It runs sixty-four minutes, with four minutes of credits at both ends, and in true Corman fashion, a god deal of the rest of this is flashbacks to three others films with plenty of footage to pad out the already flimsy running time. There's honestly about forty minutes of new footage here, and most of that was shot for other films and just not used until now. The title carefully paints the story, which is essentially a finale to a movie that doesn't exist, which explains why they needed all of that padding.
Tim Thomerson's painfully serious performance was meant to be a goof, but it's just not funny. In fact, none of this is any fun at all. The Dollman special effects are shockingly good for a film of such meager means, as the sets are impressive. The problem with the effects lies with the possessed toys, which aren't in the least bit convincing. The giant baby is the only one with any lines or a personality, and he talks in throwaway one-liners that aren't funny either. Half the time you can't understand what he's saying anyway so it doesn't matter much.
And despite the brief run time, the film is quite boring, mostly because you're watching clips from movies you've already seen (in my case anyway) and you didn't ever want to see them again. "Dollman VS. Demonic Toys" is the worst kind of filmmaking, lazy and only existing to make a quick buck. Considering how little money and effort he put into this one, I'm sure Band made a pretty penny on this one. But it sure cost him a lot of integrity.
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March 25, 2014
Suppose to have been the first 'vs.' film made so really this film is a groundbreaker if we are honest about it. Its a very silly premise of course and the back story behind it is muddled. Basically this is the sequel to 'Bad Channels' 'Dollman' and 'Demonic Toys' all at once which in itself is pretty impressive and unique, but alas they screwed up the continuity badly by making 'Nurse Ginger' as the sidekick from 'Bad Channels' when it should of been 'Bunny'.

That aside this is actually good fun and continues the cult craziness of the previous films with the added bonus of Thomerson back as Dollman. Most of the film is filled with flashbacks unfortunately which does take up time and seeing as the film is one hour!!, you can tell they struggled to fill out the plot.

Effects wise its about on par with the other films accept this time we have life size Demonic Toys going up against 'Brick' which doesn't look too bad really. The fact they are real models using stop motion makes all the difference which would be lost using CGI. Its actually the big in your face models and puppets that make this film enjoyable, utterly farcical but fun, kinda like a fairground ride in the funhouse.

You could almost say its a low budget modern day Harryhausen homage flick...almost. Gotta give kudos for imagination, absurdity and the balls to actually make something so zany.
½ August 27, 2013
Extremely terrible. No effort in making even a bad film, this is just awful. Anyone who would agree to be in this film, are sell-outs or flat broke.
July 18, 2012
Only slightly more entertaining than Dollman or Demonic Toys were on their own.
½ May 31, 2012
It's a neat little low budget cross-over, but it's way too quick. The film only lasts 60 minutes and much of the time is took up with flashbacks and credits. There's not a lot to the story and there's plot holes everywhere. The sets are pretty cool though, and the action is decent. I wish it was a bit longer with better battles, but it's still a fun little Full Moon cross-over film.
½ June 6, 2011
Na ilyen crossovert se láttam mĂ (C)g! 3 "remek" film fĹ'szereplĹ'je kĂ 1/4zd meg egymással egy 1! Ăłrás filmben. Az egyik Dollman alias Brick Bardo , a földönkĂ­vĂ 1/4li zsaru, aki bolygĂłnkon "csak" egy Barbie baba mĂ (C)retű nĹ'csábász csibĂ (C)sz, a másik a Bad ChannelsbĹ'l a szintĂ (C)n lekicsinyĂ­tett bűbájos Melissa Behr (szexmániás földönkĂ­vĂ 1/4liek nĹ'ket zsugorĂ­tanak össze a filmben, hogy kĂ (C)sĹ'bb bolygĂłjukon kedvĂ 1/4kre fajtalankodhassanak majd az áldozataikkal) a harmadik összetevĹ' a Demonic Toys kompánia, Ĺ'ket egy gonosz dĂ (C)mon szállta meg, cĂ (C)ljuk pedig egy nĹ' megtermĂ (C)kenyĂ­tĂ (C)se amitĹ'l a sötĂ (C)t nagyĂşr manifesztálĂłdhat Ă (C)s átveheti a világ fölötti uralmat. A rövidke játĂ (C)kidĹ' elsĹ' fele elment azzal, hogy bemutatták mind 3 film zanzásitott tartalmát, majd egy raktárban összecsapnak - pffff - Ă (C)s ennyi. Azt sikerĂ 1/4lt elĂ (C)rni, hogy felkeltse az Ă (C)rdeklĹ'dĂ (C)sem a Full Moon Entertainment, mely az Asylum kakagyárat megelĹ'zve, már a 70-s Ă (C)vek Ăłta ont magábĂłl hasonlĂł szösszeneteket (A Puppet Master mind a 9 rĂ (C)sze is ide tartozik).
½ May 25, 2011
A duel between Brick Bardo (Dollman) and Baby Oopsie-Daisy (Demonic Toys) sounded like the perfect B-movie to me. Unfortunately, this movie lacks in many departments. First of all, it's WAAAAAY too short. Clocking in at about 64 minutes, it could use a beefier run-time. Besides, about six minutes of this is flashback to Dollman and Bad Channels (that's right, the girl from Bad Channels is in this too). It lacks the horror of Demonic Toys and the action-packed bliss of Dollman, so what is there to like? Well...I don't know. I somehow enjoyed this, and I really can't think of one reason why. Maybe it was Tim Thomerson as Brick Bardo, reprising his role and once again doing it spectacularly. Maybe it was the scene where Brick is tied to two remote control trucks. I don't know.
½ April 29, 2011
Not near as funny as Dollman and even more annoying than Demonic Toys and with less Tracy Scoggins and too many flashbacks-including one for a non-existant movie! I couldn't wait for the clown-worm-jack in the box to bite it. The best part of the movie was that it moved quickly and seemed to end before I could totally bash my head in.
½ March 16, 2011
Watching Dollman and Demonic Toys as standalone films was really punishment enough, but putting them together resulted in something entirely worse. Should have been apparent, although it's only about 60 minutes long and about 30 minutes of it is just recapped footage from the original films.
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January 26, 2011
This is not as good as most of the demonic toy films, My introduction to doll man and his female counterpart ( WOWWOW). If this was the first movie I ever seen with the Demonic Toys I more then likely would not watch another one, film was cheaply made. The Movie itself is Dollman going into a partnership with a life-size female cop who is about washed up, so they team up to destroy the Demonic Toys. Hate the Baby but Love the clown. 3 stars only on this one.
October 10, 2010
how you react to this will really depend on how you like charles bands cannon of movies. essentially they involve ok to oor acting, explosions, stock footage and lots of rubber monsters. If this souns unappealing then avoid. This is a lot of fun to be fair and with its very short running time (about and hour) is not likely to outstay its welcome. I love these kinda movies so i maay have given it a higher rating than it deserves as it mixes 3 movies in one! But its nice and harmless and even thou it uses about 10 minutes of old film footage its still fun to watch. The sets are fantastic to. As charles bands stuff is like the marmite of movies its up to you to decide if its worth the watch. If you have seen puppet master and dont like it then dont bother with this!
½ October 1, 2010
most of this film is footage from the previous films. It is technically a sequel to not one, not two but three films!
The obvious two are Dollman and Demonic Toys the two title characters who are coming together to battle it out (at least that was the idea right?) while the third film Bad Channels introduces Nurse Ginger into the mix.
Add a little Phil Fondacaro, a script similar to the first Demonic Toys and presto, Dollman vs. Demonic Toys.
I liked that the toys now had a GI Joe type figure but didn't like that the killer teddy bear was removed. Dollman kills everything in his path and Nurse Ginger... she's just there for eye candy really.
Had this film been more new content rather than almost 1/4 rehash from other movies, very little plot development and a story that's practically copied, I'd have enjoyed it. As it is, it feels like a waste of money. it's as if I've been had. Still, it's campy fun starring Fondacaro and Thomerson so that's not all bad.
September 12, 2010
After the end credits to Full Moon's Bad Channels, we were given a sequence of Dollman walking to Pahoota (the town in Bad Channels) to hook up with Bunny, a girl shrunk down to 13 inches by an alien. After that short sequence, the screen promised further adventures of Dollman but no-one knew it would be a crossover film which would include three different film series! Yes, Dollman vs. the Demonic toys isn't just a sequel to Dollman and Demonic Toys, but Bad Channels as well! This sounds like it would be a fantastic time but I got my hopes up and this crossover came out being a cheap cash-in that barely runs over an hour long.

Well like in the post end credits sequence in Bad Channels, Dollman arrives in Pahoota to hook up with shrunken Nurse Ginger. Right away there is a BLARRING continuity error. At the end of Bad Channels, the girl Bunny was the one left 13 inches tall and nurse Ginger was grown back to normal size. WHOOPS!!! My guess is that the actress refused to return so Full Moon "conveniently" rewrote the script to have Nurse Ginger still being 13 inches tall hoping viewers would just forgot that little fact. WRONG! Well Dollman and Ginger hook up, shag, and then are approached by a cop (Tracy Scoogins, returning from Demonic toys) to have them help here destroy some toys from hell. Always in the mood for action, Dollman agrees so he and his girlfriend go out on a hunt. The result isn't near as fun as it could have been.

This film feels like it was cooked up in a matter of minutes and to top it off, only about half of it (a half hour out of its measly hour long running time) is new footage. The remaining film is all flashback footage from Dollman, Demonic Toys and Bad Channels. WHAT! Full Moon you cheap cocks! I've already seen those movies so I don't need to rewatch them!

The film feels considerably cheaper than all three films it's a sequel to and the part that takes a beating is the special effects as when Dollman battles the Demonic Toys, it's obviously guys in suits making the toys run around. I did dig the new demonic toy which is a G.I. Joe like solder with bug eyes. He really gave Dollman a run for his money.

The film does have a few moments (the line "pop goes the weasel" is one of them) but it's not enough to save this rushed, clobbered together film. It could have been a monumental project for Full Moon but as usual Charles Band decides to cut corners resulting in a film that's a disappointment to the hard core fans. Sadly this film killed any chance of further adventures of Dollman but the Demonic Toys would return in another crossover film (Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys) and a direct sequel (Demonic Toys 2).
½ August 11, 2010
Officer Grey enlists the aid of doll-sized nurse and alien cop in foiling the Demonic Toys' latest scheme.
½ June 15, 2010
recycled scenes from three very bad films: demonic toys, dollman and bad channels. who knew that the result would be crap?
June 5, 2010
Passible not but great 3 sequels bogs down in flashbacks and whoever did Oppsy dasiys voice needs to be shot at dawn. Grizzly isnt there and the action man toy looks like hes trying to crap a brick. Scoggins and Thomerson come off best but the film plays like a tired retread
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