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½ December 29, 2017
Interesting biopic which perpetuates the gals who preceded the Kardashians by a century - though the Dolly's actually had talent. This white-washed version (could be remade today with an R-rating) is an OK introduction of the gals and the times they lived in.
½ January 8, 2017
The Dolly Sisters is an excellent film. It is about two sisters from Hungary become famous entertainers in the early 1900s. Betty Grable and June Haver give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. Irving Cummings did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and music. The Dolly Sister is a must see.
½ December 27, 2016
Had to see it for the Hungarian side to the story. If you love sappy romantic musicals, this is for you. It could've been much better had it not been so long.
½ September 8, 2015
Colorful but empty 'biography' of the famed vaudeville team introduced the Oscar-nominated song "I Can't Begin to Tell You."
April 29, 2013
another musical/ vehicle 4 betty grable WWII diversion
½ April 3, 2012
I love old movies...esp with the pinup queen of WWII Grable...
Thier real story is barely on the screen, Google it it's absolulety a tragedy.
November 22, 2011
It was just ok..Betty Grable and June Haver are beautiful but many of the songs were just repetetive. I think they sang "Chasing rainbows" about 100 times.
Super Reviewer
½ June 6, 2011
If you are looking for anything resembling a depiction of the actual Dolly Sisters story look elsewhere but if a sumptuous overstuffed showcase for Betty Grable and June Haver is what you seek this is for you. Filmed in almost blinding Technicolor with some good songs and one beautiful one, I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, plus eye popping costumes and hairstyles this is old fashioned entertainment dished up with style.
December 24, 2008
"Nothin coul dne finer that to be in Carolina ........"
½ June 6, 2008
For me, the dancing are mediocre but I absolutely loved the songs!! The costumes are great too. The catchy tunes certainly make up for the lack of plot.
May 27, 2008
This is an oldie and goodie
½ May 17, 2008
6.5/10. Sweet musical, nice production values, good cast, especially John Payne. Good music and excellent costumes. Well done and very entertaining.
½ March 24, 2008
Could have been a lot better.
November 28, 2007
This is one of those sugar coated bio films. This one is pretty good though. Don't look for much in the plot but the numbers are really outstanding!
November 9, 2007
Yay for Betty Grable and John Payne
½ October 22, 2007
This one I haven't seen as much as the others so I don't remember much but I know I liked it and I enjoy both actresses.
October 11, 2007
These women were GREAT. You gotta see John Payne..cute..
½ August 31, 2007
Not the greatest film in the world, it does have some good song and dance routines in it. And I'll watch anything with Betty Grable in it.
August 31, 2007
I was shocked to find this movie on the application! I grew up watching this movie on AMC and I loved the songs and dancing. Very rarely is the movie aired, nor do many people know about it. It's just a feel good movie that makes me smile and brings back fond memories of childhood and trying to dance like Betty Grable and show off my cute legs :)
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