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½ April 12, 2012
Tony Scott brings the "flare" in Domino, but ends up burning it down instead of lighting it up.The story does have its points of interest thanks to some minor, although predictable, twists and turns. Unfortunately, the film is a bit elongated at 2 hours and the stylized nature of Tony Scott completely outshines anything this picture has going for it. The director's stamp seemingly ends up on nearly every shot; however, this stamp isn't enjoyable to look at. At some points, it's like watching a poorly edited music video.Even the action and violence gets clouded by the visual prowess of Scott. Once again, this is a shame since bounty hunting is an integral piece of the story.Keira Knightley is enjoyable to witness as this type of character. It's just too bad that none of the characters, even Knightley's, are likable. There are a number of recognizable faces amongst the cast, which end up as wasted talent.Regardless of the cast and story, Domino is film that divides the audience with its approach. It's a 50/50 chance whether or not this will end up as a recommendable movie.
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½ September 8, 2011
this remains the worst movie i have ever seen, even if jon loved it.
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August 30, 2011
If you're looking for one of Tony Scott's worst films, then your best bet is watching Domino, a fictionalized film about real life bounty hunter, Domino Harvey. The film had potential of being something cool, and hype. But Tony Scott's style of filmmaking is overused to the fullest here, and it's very irritating for the eyes. Starring Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke and Edgar Ramirez, Domino is an over the top action film with headache inducing cinematography this film tried to be Natural Born Killer, but it failed. The performances on screen suffer because of a bad script, and it shows. The film is laced with bad dialogue, half assed action scenes that are very noisy, it feels almost as if Michael Bay directed this. Tony Scott has used to the same style of cinematography for plenty of his previous works and a bit for his most recent one, Unstoppable, but man did he go over board with Domino. The story is all over the place, and the film, though stylized, ends up being a failure due to a bad story, bad character development and over used cinematography that really does confuse the viewer. Domino could have been a terrific film, but every element in the film seems out of place, and just feels cheap. Domino is a bad stylish film that is somewhat entertaining, but very, easily forgettable. One of Tony Scott's worst.
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May 3, 2008
I really enjoyed seeing Keira as a badass!! She did a great job. The story was ok but felt rushed at the end, more editing at the beginning would have give time to fully explore the wrap up at the end.
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½ November 4, 2008
"My Name is Domino Harvey, and I'm a bounty hunter"

I still think that its a kick-ass action film, despite everyones opinion.

All this low rating is coming from people who keep comparing Hollywood with the real world. Oh come on, Knightley, Walken and Lucy Liu? Mmmmmmm!!! ^_^

(Re-rated, re-watched) Slashed half a star for the accent. Didnt care to look up the history of Domino Harvey either.
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November 19, 2009
I think Domino is the greatest work that Tony Scott has done in almost ten years. It encompasses everything that makes him a great director. This ultraviolet biographical epic is extremely original and is like nothing before put on screen. Everything from the film color to the performances are anything but average. Scott has come a long way since stinkers like The Last Boyscout, this goes back to the style of True Romance and Top Gun. It's pop culture glory, surprisingly written by Richard Kelly. He really has a handle on what makes American tick, very reminiscent of Tarantino and Avary. Kiera Knightley was also one of the most surprising elements because she wasn't just a pretty face anymore, but just as tough as the boys if not more so. Mickey Rourke does a great follow up to Marv in Sin City and Chrisopher Walken has a great little role that always makes me laugh. It's a perfect action movie with a lot of heart.
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January 8, 2010
This film is hilarious. Probably my favourite comedy of 2005. Whats that you say? It's not a comedy? Are you sure? Well, I could be mistaken but I got the feeling that Mr Scott's tongue was firmly in his cheek, if not then he has become a parody of himself (Most likely). This film is awful, not 'So bad, it's good' like the TV magazine described it but it was so laughable that I can say that at no point was I not entertained!
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½ January 12, 2007
a blast of 90210 culture added a solid element of welcome humor to the film, but overall the film drowned from over stylization. although i love tony scott, too much of him in this film didnt work well.
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½ June 13, 2006
A shockingly bad movie by Tony Scott, who can do so much better. Considering what a cast he got together for this, the result is even more tragic. As it is, Christopher Walken and Mickey Rourke make for the few highlights of the film, as well as the Beverly Hills 90210 stars making fun of their own image. The rest is a nightmare for spastics, considering that hardly an image stays in screen for longer than two seconds, often combined with a shaky cam and or a zoom. That's wanna-be cool but is just nerve-wracking. The plot isn't much to write home about either, the Jerry Springer show-scene, the drug trip or Tom Waits showing up randomly as preacher are horribly pointless and embarrassing scenes. There isn't even a lot of good action to make up for all that, the movie pretends to travel at a speed it doesn't really have. Most of the time that's not boring, but it doesn't help you giving a shit about any of the characters either. In the end you just want it to be over and shrug away the memory. Only Keira's naked is worth a raised eyebrow, but considering the sex scene happens right after they survived a car crash shows what drugs the creators must have been on. Now let's crawl out of this wreck and fool around, yes? Media and cops = stupid, bounty hunters = cool. Yeah, yeah, I get it.
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June 9, 2006
Not the best, but good enough for a recommendation. Richard Roeper namechecked Natural Born Killers when he and Ebert reviewed this. I agree. Style wise it is very close. One could argue that so is Stone's other film U-Turn, but that was a mess; Natural Born Killers is a masterpiece, and this is delirious fun. One character describes another as "having the attention span of a ferrett on crystal meth". That is a perfect way to describe this film. Many people disliked this film for being done in such a frenzied, hyperstylized way, but I liked it. Made it unique and fun. The casting was cool as well. Interesting choices for supporting players, and it worked since it didn't come across as cheap stunt casting, as these things sometimes do. The biggest issue is that the film is a little muddled, but even then I still found it all entertaining.
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June 7, 2009
"Heads you live, tails you die."

First of all, it's obvious that Tony Scott doesn't match the talent that his older brother Ridley has. Tony Scott does have a great movie in his credits, 'Man on Fire', some good flicks like, 'Crimson Tide', 'Enemy of the State', 'True Romance' and a macho, semi-gayish tribute to Navy pilots, which will be remembered forever, 'Top Gun'. The thing that connects all of his movies together is simply put the action. Like my fellow Finn, Renny Harlin, Scott can do decent action but his star is sliding down because of his mediocre films that he has made recently.

The story of 'Domino' is so weak and uninteresting. How in hell can a story about a feeble model turned bounty hunter get you interested? One reason could be Keira Knightley, who's always a joy to look at... except in this one. All her charm is gone, she's not convincing as the lead so all there is, is a girl who looks like a bastard child of Sarah Connor. You know... John Connor's mom.. From 'Terminator'.

Some "surprising" plot twists are put in to the movie as a weak attempt to make the movie more interesting. But the showdown in the end, the one between Domino's gang, the mafiosos and a billionaire who got robbed is so lame. The thing that aces it all is when Keira copies Rambo by shooting a bunch of people with two assault rifles in her anorectic hands. The recoil would've thrown her on her butt within a second after pulling the trigger. But this is movie magic!

And of course, when there's absolutely no need for a sex scene, Tony Scott puts one in. This is just a mid comment...

The editing and the filters that worked well in 'Man on Fire', gave me a terrible headache in 'Domino'. The camera is too shaky and the bad use of music crowns it all. Bad filmmaking, that's all.

On the positive side, I did enjoy Lucy Liu and the two guys that I remember from the crappy TV show 'Beverly Hills, 90210', Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering. The guys brought some comedy to the movie, portraying themselves which was a nice thing. This shows that "celebs" can make fun of themselves.

'Domino' is by far the worst Tony Scott movie I've seen. I really can't come up with any good aspects that would make the film worth a look. Well, if you're a fan of Keira and her nipples, then you might wanna waste two hours of your life. Or then skip directly to the nipple scene and get off with a 10 second effort.

"It's a great day to die!"
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May 30, 2009
What can I say, I totally dug this movie! Contrary to some comments thats I've heard about this movie, there is a plot, it's just not revealed linearly, not every movie should be straight forward and have big global issues on its mind and I'm cool with that.

Domino drips with style. The style is running off the screen it's so heavy. Definitely if you couldn't handle "Man on Fire" for this reason stay away from Domino, it's Man on Fire x 2 for style (and personally I loved MOF too). And the style that director Tony Scott has been working on and perfecting for this movie. fit the material perfectly. Not every movie can look and flow the same way, and frankly as a filmmaker myself I totally support the director's vision here and his attempt to shake-up the mainstream by-the-books style a bit.

You can't handle the style of Domino, good, go watch just about anything else available out there because 90% of it's gonna be an A to B type movie with lingering shots that you can feel comfortable in. Me though, I can appreciate when something different comes out visually that fits in the world the filmmaker is creating. It's taking cinematic risks in the mainstream, you gotta appreciate that!

Keira Knightley does an amazing job here! The movie is on her shoulders, she doesn't once seem like a weak little girlie, from the get-go I believed in her character, no questions asked. Personally I was already a fan, now I'm totally hooked, she has talent -.. Rourke continued his comeback streak here and did a nice job. Ramirez, the cast's newcomer was entertaining as well and I enjoy the subtle moments of lust and torture b/w him and Domino.

Call me crazy but I had a blast with this movie! It was one of those movies you can actually call a "ride" and mean it.

Side Note- the real Domino Harvey was on the set during some of the filming and apparently was happy with her translation to screen. If you watch the end credits she appears after Keira and she also did the dialogue in the "Heads you live, tails you die" song
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March 31, 2009
A True Life Action Movie about a female bounty hunter. Any movie that opens up and in the first 15 minutes they toss a guys arm from the shoulder down into his Mom's house in exchange for something from the guys mom, you know were in for a great action movie. And that?s what we get a great action movie. The lets blow shi* up scenes are incredible. If you have a large screen TV and Big speakers this movie is for you. The first four ladies was a cool addition. Is it all true I doubt it, but then again what Movies are. 4 stars four sure. and add it to your collection.
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October 12, 2008
Almost unbearable, pointless, epileptic, artsy-fartsy action crap from Ridley Scott's less talented little brother.
It seems like an enormous deal of pretentiousness, self-indulgence and lack of taste runs in the family.
Choppy and exasperating trash.
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January 29, 2008
My initial reaction wasn't positive, but upon second viewing, I found MUCH more to be had from this fun action/adventure sort of true story. On another positive note, I actually found Keira sexy in this.
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½ April 28, 2007
"Hey, Jerry we need a script for Tony Scott. He wants to try out some new colour filters and some of that whooshy slowy downy speedy uppy shit he likes so much. It's gonna be about a female bounty hunter."
"Yeah, what's the story gonna be about?"
"I dunno. A chick with a gun. Who gives a shit?"
"Well, she's gotta be hot. How about that skinny chick in that Pirate movie?"
"Ain't she British?"
"Yeah, so what. All she's gotta do is run around shooting shit and get her hooters out once in a while. Give her some tattoos and smeared mascara while your at it. Them emo kids love that shit."
"It's gonna need shoot outs. Lots of blood..."
"Hey, all we gotta do is keep showing what MIGHT have happened, and we can stick in all the action we like even if it makes no sense!"
"You are a f***ing genius!"
"Yeah, who gives a shit about the story anyway? Nobody can tell what the f***'s going on in a Tony Scott film with all that visual shit he stuffs into it!"
"We need a plot twist. That Lucky Number Slevin had about three of 'em..."
"Well stick FOUR in then. What, do I gotta write this shit myself?!"
"Springer's free. His agent just called me."
"Great! Let's have a whole scene on the Springer show! And throw in a couple of them Beverly Hills 90120 kids in. My daughter loves that show!"
"All it needs now is a couple of pop stars and some homies and we've got ourselves a winner!"
"Oh, and put a couple of weird bits in it to make the artsy fartsy crowd think it's clever. And get Walken just in case. Tarantino fans'll watch any old shit with him in it."
"It'll be ready in the morning. Let's do lunch. Ciao!"
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½ March 11, 2008
Decent, but it's too long and it thinks it's cooler than it actually is.
Anyone who isn't a serious Knightley fan can skip it.
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January 22, 2008
An immensely thrilling actioner that packs a hard & long punch. Keira Knightley delivers her best badass action-heroine performance since "Pirates Of The Caribbean".
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September 18, 2007
i really enjoyed this keira knightly was an intersting charactwer in it worth watching very good with alot of shooting and swearing
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March 16, 2007
My name is Domino Harvery. {EDIT *dizzying* CHOP} My--my--my name is Domino Harvey. {CUT, CHOP} My name is Domino Harvey. {EDIT. CUT. Playback}

Never have I seen a director take so much flack for his style before. By now it is evident that most people do not appreciate Tony Scott's choppy, flashy, dizzying editing technique. If I have to choose between loving it and hating it, I'd say I love it. It was borderline distracting at times, but the end result was pretty good and it's nice to see a director with a creative edge to his style and some originality (even if it borrows heavily from MTV videos).

This stylistic edge manifests itself as Keira Knightley plays the role of cocky badass bounty hunter Domino Harvey and even her dialogue seems strangely choppy. Otherwise she plays her poorly because I pretty much hated her character and did not sympathize one bit with her, no matter how much she suffered. We follow Domino through her life as she joins up with fellow bounty hunters Mickey Rourke, Rizwan Abbasi and Edgar Ramirez. The crew become tangled up in the FBI and suddenly has a reality show contract under Christopher Walken's TV production company (what is Christopher Walken doing in every film, by the way?). I guess that is a clever film technique, because now Tony Scott is free to use as much flashy MTV/Reality Show editing footage as he likes. It becomes a pastiche of MTV culture at this point.

It followes then that the story is told at an amazingly rapid-fire pace, with lots of raunchy strong language and gun violence. There are some funny jokes; it's all very modern and surreal at the same time. It's a mess, but it's a rather enjoyable mess. It is ultimately flawed in so many ways (the actors try too hard to make their characters "cool", for one) but it works. I give it a weak 7/10 which may seem generous when compared to the general consensus of movie-goers who graded this film ? but I feel it had some good ideas and executed them well.
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