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½ December 26, 2010
story: the movie had basically no thing called story. so one would feel that its just dragged. but the 2nd half towards end the story picks up and we feel that its not new. 4/10

execution: when there is no proper story who would care about executing it. so it just earns a bit. 3/10

direction: debut director has done very well here. but the movie should have got nice story to show the capabilities of a director. however as a debutant he did his job. 8/10

screenplay and camera : screenplay was catchy and not dull. it was very rich with vibrant colors. camera angling was effective and did good job in actions sequences. 8/10

casting: ravi teja excelled as don seenu. his comic timing seemed very good. shriya also played well. srihari and shayaji did very good roles as dons. rest did well. the only disappointment is the lack of strong villain. 7/10

music and background score: 2 numbers were good. rest were average. but the background score by manisharma is really good and strongly picks up in action episodes. 7/10

editing : the editing is good. scenes are perfectly edited to keep the thrill ride. some disappointment towards climax. 8/10

cinematography and production values: cinematography is good
capturing the beauty of swizz and some parts of india.. during the first song the locations are perfect. production values are just made equal and worthy. 18/20

entertainment value: the movie is full entertainment . forget the story and just focus on the screen comic timing by ravi teja in 1st half and brahmanandam in 2nd half. 8/10

final verdict: don seenu is a perfect entertainer with all elements. it will become a success if public expects entertainment. for people who expect a story and some really driving scenes just skip it.
September 4, 2010
it's avg and good at comedy
August 26, 2010
A no-brainer Ravi Teja film. The story is stale and it's Shriya Saran who pumps anticipation with her glamorous costumes.
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