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October 21, 2013
Some witty ideas with a few funny moments too, but overall is quite disappointing in execution.
½ September 18, 2009
(see my lists of foreign films Foreign Oscar Including new list for 2010 Oscar) Film -- Director Subiela (an Argentine film director) has made some interesting movies. His movies are not in the vein of usual Hollywood or other movies. He makes movies with poetry and some lyricism. His movie Lado Oscuro is really interesting. Don?t Look down is also interesting. It is almost a dream like fable. A young man has dreams of death and sleepwalks. He falls into the arms of older woman (literally falling thru the skylight into her bed) Trained by his father in the art of walking on stilts, Eloy's day job is to wear a ridiculous sandwich costume and walk the streets of Buenos Aires marketing his sandwiches. When sleepwalking one night, Eloy falls through the window into the bed of a beautiful woman, Elvira (Antonella Costa). He soon finds out that both Elvira and her mother Celia (Maria Elena Ruaz) are spiritual teachers. Ana reads auras and Elvira is an expert on tantric sex and the Kama Sutra. Through spending his afternoons with Elvira, Eloy discovers the confluence of sexuality and mysticism and, in his goal of thrusting 81 times without ejaculation, finds that he can travel out of his body, manifesting in Venice, Paris, and Barcelona among other destinations. The movie has great scenes of their sex and explorations of spirituality. It is very tame sort of nudity. Most of Subiela?s works are considered magical realism (an artistic element in film in which magical elements or illogical scenarios appear to be realistic or even normal). As used today it means something like 'too strange to believe'. (fantasy or magical). In this movie they spend the rest of the movie thinking and talking about Sex. Eloy is dealing with his spiritual connections to the dead and his new sexual connections to the living--Elvira. It is a very magical coming of age film which deals with sexual knowledge and its relationship to the mysteries of life and the balancing of the spirit. It is told with sensitivity and some humor. It is quite erotic but short of being explicit. This colors and cinematography and sets in this film all add beautifully to its "dreamy/absurdist" effect and appearance. It is very surreal film and filled with mysticism (and erotica). I liked this movie as I have enjoyed Subiela's other films. But be warned this movie moves slowly compared to your average American movie but it is a good movie for those so inclined. I also recommend Lado Oscuro and Don't Die. This film was Winner of the Best Picture Award at the 2008 Latin American Film Festival and Best Latin American Film at the 2008 Montreal World Film Festival. 3 maybe 4 four stars. I wish we had more American films with magical realism.
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