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December 30, 2010
As cheesy Lifetime-y movies go, this one actually isn't too bad. It's pretty predictable, but there's enough action to make that forgivable, and there's some solid acting here considering the subject matter and the target audience. This is worth seeing once.
December 13, 2009
This film was awesome. A true winner. It has a multi tangled web of a storyline that grips you from start to finish as you think to yourself "Did she not see the boy playing with the fucking dog?"
THe plot is about a divorcee who pulls Pierce Brosnan which upsets her alcoholic balding husband. In order to get away from baldy she takes Pierce's advice and goes for a long drive with her Macaulay Culkin looking son. After displaying some Colin McRae driving skills she realises something is rotten in Denmark. And promptly loses Macaulay.
The rest of the film makes you sit in wonderment and perplexion as the story unravels.
The title has no bearing whatsoever on the film and there are some lovley 90's fleeces
January 11, 2009
lifetime movies just keep rocking!!! lol
March 21, 2008
I did not really like this movie.
September 28, 2007
Peirce = bad guy! :'C
July 31, 2007
I think this movie was exciting, but not one of the best Ive seen.
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