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      Don't Think Twice Reviews

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      Sep 4, 2022

      This is a dark comedy film about a close knit (well, initially) group of friends known as an informal improv comedy group, who find themselves facing a number of awkward situations, including one of them moving on to bigger things. Some of the reactions to situations were surprisingly bitchy and I didn't find it especially funny, although others may find it amusing. I found it cringe-worthy at times (particularly when the group decided to make bad impersonations of someones ill fathers bad speaking voice - as was said, how inappropriate) and would say that it came across to me as more of a slowish drama than a comedy as such. It got a better in the 2nd half, as I felt the characters opened up a bit about things and they seemed slightly more likeable but not a great amount, just a bit. It didn't really appeal to me much at all overall and I certainly didn't find it memorable, so I wouldn't recommend it.

      Aug 23, 2022

      5 years ago- Bittersweet and melancholy, almost to a fault, the film manages to combine the funny with the heartbreak. The issues with the film lie in the fact that half of the characters feel half-baked and just there to fill out the scenes in comparison to the comedic talents of Key, Jacobs, and Birbiglia, who once again proves that he is a strong director.

      Jan 2, 2022

      Don't Think Twice There are few movies that came out this year that have given me more to think about than "Don't Think Twice." A movie that finds the perfect balance of funny and thought provoking. Though not a perfect movie, it manages to bring the viewer in and makes you feel like a part of show. Interestingly enough, the concept of engaging the audience is half the premise of the film. The plot of the movie centers around a struggling improv group made up of six up-and-coming comics. Many scenes in the film are just the group performing in front of an audience at a small New York theater. And even though each crowd stays thoroughly engaged through each performance and the troupe is well liked, the theater is closing and the comics are forced to shop their act to the next bidder. The movie works as a satire of the comedy industry and of a performer or artist's life in America. For example, move to a big city (New York), find your niche (improv), and try to make it. At the beginning of the film, we see just how these characters struggle living their daily lives, working menial jobs like delivering food and being a hostess at a restaurant. And working these types of jobs is the truth for many fledgling performers everywhere. But pretty early in, we see the gateway to the promise land, "Weekend Live", the film's version of Saturday Night Live. All six of our lead characters strive to this nearly impossible standard set by mainstream society. As the movie shows us, you only truly make it as a performer if you land a TV Series, in this case it's Saturday Night Live's evil twin, doppelganger. Things start to get to get really interesting though when two of the characters get auditions for weekend live. These two happen to be a couple, Jack and Samantha played by Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele, Mad TV) and Gillian Jacobs of Community fame. Jack is really excited about the audition and goes in guns a blazing. Samantha is equally excited if not a little hesitant about her shot at the "big time". She gets her best voice impersonations ready, she practices hard, but is somehow not as into it as her partner Jack, who perfects a "mean" and "spot-on" Barack Obama. The outcome of the auditions will remain a mystery. See the movie! But the fact that we care at all about the outcome is a credit to writer/director Mike Birbiglia who also stars in the movie as one of the performers, Miles, who also works as an improv teacher. He sets a light, but serious tone for the movie that takes us into the lives of these characters and makes them likable if not relatable. In addition, one of the many strengths of the movie comes from his giving every one of the performers their own sub plot and individual story line. And Most of them work, like the Jack and Samantha relationship, Miles as a 36-year old man-child who sometimes dates his students, and Lindsay, played by Tami Sagher (How I Met your Mother) as an unemployed, but budding writer who lives at home with her parents. However, at a brisk 92 minutes, the film isn't overlong and usually capitalizes on its opportunities for adding engrossing back-stories and humor. The star of the film though is definitely Jacobs as Samantha. Her performance surges through the movie like adrenaline through a beating heart. She's always the one who opens and leads the improv shows with the question, "Who has had a really bad day?" And the character, Samantha, as admitted by Jack is just as appealing if not more so than him. Her voices in particular are superb and are a film highlight. But what ties everything together in the film is the reality that not everyone makes it, not everyone gets the opportunities, and nothing lasts forever! Even the promise land, "Weekend Live" doesn't ideal. In short, "Don't Think Twice" doesn't sugar coat or glorify anything, it's just the way it is. This quality and the film's many other attributes make it one of the best movies about the stage or acting industry that I have ever seen!

      Jun 22, 2020

      Not a single laugh, this movie is more sad than anything. Of course it gets high critic ratings, most terrible movies do!

      May 30, 2020

      A very enjoyable and nostalgic view of young comics and a study of those who make the big time and those who don't. It's lonely at the top.

      Apr 30, 2020

      Always funny, often heartfelt, and occasionally emotional, "Don't Think Twice" is a brilliant look at the underground improv scene from comedian Mike Birbiglia and what it's like to be a struggling comedian trying to "make it big" and the pros and cons of success.

      Apr 21, 2020

      Didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did but could definitely find many of the characters relatable and appreciated the raw honesty displayed in exploring their vulnerabilities. 7.5/10

      Apr 19, 2020

      Great ensemble comedy with a heart about people who refuse to be heartbroken by the disappointments in life. Especially good film for anyone who ever dreamed big, fell short, and still kept doing it long after the chances faded, knowing you didn't make it but not caring.

      Mar 27, 2020

      Incredibly original movie about improv comedy, highly recommend

      Mar 24, 2020

      A short, yet bitter sweet, wonderfully made movie about chasing your dreams and the risks that must be taken for them. The cast in this movie is fantastic and really bring their characters to life. This may be a personal love I have for the movie, but I just loved how well made it was and how sweet the movie became with fantastic performances, wonderful characters, a simple yet sweet story, and filled with nothing but great scenes. And as for someone who doesn’t really like improve, I’ve got to say, Don’t Think Twice made all the improve scenes kind of cute and touching, just a little think that I liked about the movie personally.

      Feb 26, 2020

      The movie had a strong plot but fell short in my opinion. It was just straight out depressing and I can't see what the point was of anything. You invested in characters and grew to hate others but in the end none of the conflicts were resolved, they just brushed every key plot moments under the rug and said "hey, here is a free studio and they lived happily ever after" What was the purpose of everything leading up to the fight between everyone, as they showed their true colors and the group finally broke apart for nobody to mention it again and being together 2 scenes later??? It was the final catalyst for the climax of the whole plot and they just skipped the whole climax, like what???

      Jan 4, 2020

      I love KMK - but this movie is straight up bad from every single angle that exists. I have absolutely no clue why the professional critics liked it, but I hope to god they’re being paid off or something.

      Dec 28, 2019

      Gillian Jacobs. Enough said.

      Nov 25, 2019

      Birbiglia's directorial and screenwriting debut is a delightfully humorous surprise brimming with earnest heart that doesn't feel forced or cliche in any way; brought to life by a superb cast of comedy mainstays. It shows a promising career ahead of him as an auteur.

      Oct 6, 2019

      I stumbled upon this film while browsing Netflix and from the first few minutes...I was in LOVE!!! Just an absolutely enjoyable film with a stellar cast!

      Apr 11, 2019

      This is a really beautiful and heartwarming film with an amazing ensemble cast

      Apr 3, 2019

      This is an outstanding work by all parties. It's a candid look at what it's like to be out there, day in and day out. The story takes you where "life happens" and leads this group of friends to places they perhaps never expected or certainly not how they expected to get where they arrive. It hits a number of real points but it left me with that sense that as long as you keep at it, keep getting up everyday you;ll find there is so much more to do and live for out there. It's not what I expected to see and it does show some many facets of people.

      Jan 18, 2019

      Definitely not funny but a drama about struggling comedians who aren't as funny as they think are.

      Dec 30, 2018

      truly a glimpse into the real life that entertainers may need to deal with. Sadly self sabotaging fragile ego people not being able to push each other to great heights as they are personally dealing with their own self doubt and anxiety instead of supporting and challenging each other as true friends could. Still very moving and entertaining despite the lightening energetic pushing that true friends COULD provide so all can might their best potential.

      Dec 21, 2018

      Its written by a comedian, directed by a comedian, and stars several comedians who play comedian characters. So of course, it's a drama

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