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September 26, 2017
viewed on 2/11/04 (Tues)

It started off really rather well. The good acting, the placid mood and a promise of a good story ... until like at midpoint when the story starts having so many knots left unravelled till the end. Why did Kim Basinger leave so sudden? What about that awkward comic timing of Jeff Bridges running away from a very mad Mimi Rogers? Comic relief? Bad taste. What is the significance of the door in the floor? A secret door to unspeakable secrets? A door that keeps bad memories away?

Rating: C
Expected Rating: B
December 27, 2016
Good actors overcome a bad script
January 4, 2016
Good acting has overcome the bad writing of John Irving. John Irving commits a felony with ever thing he writes. Elle Fanning is great in this. She was 4 and has so many lines in a key role.
½ July 29, 2015
Bridges shines in this quirky well acted bittersweet but very entertaining drama.
January 13, 2015
Wow ill never seen Kim basinger like that such a great performance

Veanla y veran a Kim como nunca la han visto y la historia es buena
½ August 30, 2014
While interesting, I expected much more than just eccentricity.
½ May 19, 2014
To be honest I only watched this movie to see Mimi Rogers naked.
½ April 26, 2014
Es ist eigentlich Schade, was man aus dieser Geschichte gemacht hat! Es gäbe so viel tiefgründiges zu erzählen, zwischen den menschlichen Akteuren. Aber alles wird oberflächlich runtergespult. Die Darsteller sind sehr gut ausgewählt, nur wird man leider nicht warm, von dem Spiel, der vereinzelten Rollen. Der Film ist durchschnittlich und man hätte mehr Spannung und Tiefgründiges einbauen sollen!
April 18, 2014
Stilted and pretentious, but I kept watching. Really good acting overall; great job by Jeff Bridges.
½ March 3, 2014
june 10th 2009
March 3rd 2014
December 31, 2013
A good old drama with a great cast & some intense moments.
March 31, 2013
Tod Williams is an okay Director. John Irving is a brilliant writer. Tod Williams does not get John all. The surface of Irving is here but the texture and nuance is gone. Crude masturbation scenes do not represent the sexual longing and confusion of a teenage boy that Irving was driving at. If you're a John Irving fan it might be worth seeing this as part of the repertoire. For me, there's too much tragedy and not enough life in this rendition. The beauty of Irving is finding both.
March 9, 2013
Great cast, but just didn't grab me.
½ January 20, 2013
No wonder the story seemed familiar, I just found out the the movie was based on the first third of John Irving's "A Widow for One Year", a great novel, so I feel cheated that they botched the book, I guess if you have not read the book, you wouldn't know, but the film leaves you hanging.
½ January 1, 2013
John Irving provides such a powerful story framework that at times, its difficult to watch. The director and the three main characters do a superb job pulling off the film. There are flaws, but it is well worth your time. See this film.
Bill D 2007
Super Reviewer
December 31, 2012
What an injustice that "The Door in the Floor" has been seen by so few. It has its flaws, but it also has magnificence. It's a must-see DVD for anyone who cares about serious, complex drama and beautiful filmmaking.

What a travesty that director Tod Williams (not to be confused with Todd Field of "In the Bedroom") has not been able to get a serious film made since 2004 -- almost a decade! It pisses me off how many talented filmmakers in America die on the vine. Anyone remember Laurie Collyer, who made the exquisite "Sherrybaby" in 2006? Or Karen Moncrieff, whose powerful "The Dead Girl" also came out that year? They're probably waiting tables, no one willing to bankroll their films.

In "The Door in the Floor," which is based on the John Irving novel "A Widow for One Year," Jeff Bridges plays a famous writer living in the Hamptons. Kim Basinger plays his wife. Four-year-old Elle Fanning plays their daughter. Little-known actor Jon Foster plays a prep-school intern hired to be Bridges' assistant for the summer.

It's amazing how much we learn about this troubled family in two hours. Williams' filmmaking is so good that a lot of ground is covered in such a short time. Not a single shot is wasted. There is so much story-telling in every scene. I've complained a lot in the past few years about filmmakers who don't know much about stories. Tod Williams knows how to tell a story.

That of course means that audiences aren't interested in his work and producers don't want to work with him. In a word: Develop a talent for story-telling, lose all hope of getting work as a filmmaker in America.
December 7, 2012
The Door in the Floor
Synopsis: Jeff Bridges demonstrates once again that he is one of the finest actors in film. Ted Cole (Bridges, Seabiscuit, The Big Lebowski), a successful writer/illustrator of children's books, invites a young student named Eddie (Jon Foster) to...
Starring: Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger, Jon Foster
Directed by: Tod Williams
½ September 6, 2012
I like the slow depression laced plot of this story. I've never read the book though, so this review isn't based on the book. The way the characters are portrayed are great although Eddie's acting was kinda forced it felt. worth the 4 1/2 stars.
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