Dec 6, 2005
Feb 2, 2004
Evocatively captures the uncertainties of being in your 20s, and the bars and cafes its characters inhabit.
Dec 25, 2003
Never seems to say something important about love that it tries desperately to get to.
Oct 27, 2003
Has several parallel storylines, and all of them work.
Oct 22, 2003
Decena treats everything with a slick, cold-edged elegance.
Oct 17, 2003
Oct 16, 2003
San Francisco's smart set of high-tech thinkers can still be stupid at love in this warm, winning indie DV romance.
Oct 14, 2003
Director Mark Decena and his writing partner show a good deal of promise for their future efforts, but some bad decisions and simplistic characters keep Dopamine from being anything to fall in love with.
Oct 10, 2003
Nicely acted by Lloyd and the talented Livingston, it poses some major questions, and is smart enough to refrain from trying to answer them.
Oct 10, 2003
Decena hooks us with these characters from the start and makes us believe in their pain and longing.
Oct 10, 2003
With its intelligent, likable characters and playful use of artificial intelligence to explore a simple love story, Dopamine is an auspicious directorial debut by Mark Decena.
Oct 10, 2003
Sexy, funny and just the littlest bit sad, it explores something that has fascinated men and women since time began: each other.
Oct 10, 2003
While the route Dopamine takes in addressing the nature of attraction is schematic, the film is never less than clever, surprisingly charming, decidedly thought-provoking -- and in its own undefinable way, touching.
Oct 10, 2003
In one way or another, Dopamine is about us.
Oct 10, 2003
It's a movie, small in compass, conservative in aesthetic, that explores an idea while it makes you laugh. A lot of bigger movies won't provoke you half as much.
Oct 10, 2003
There's some chemistry between the appealing leads, and the acting is solid throughout.
Oct 9, 2003
Decena's intelligent, thoughtful buttressed by the intricate details that make what could be a superficial story into a real human affair.
Oct 9, 2003
Although flawed, Dopamine is ultimately a witty and perceptive movie dealing with the ways people experience love and loss in an increasingly distracted and remote world.
Oct 9, 2003
There are just enough insightful and funny moments to expect big things from writer/director Marc Decena next time around.
Oct 9, 2003
It's more likable than it is good. Still, it might leave you feeling romantic (and romantic about your particular city) even if it doesn't nail its case for love in a psychopharmacological age.