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I am having the worst luck finding good movies lately. This one is another that has an interesting idea but utterly fails in realizing it. The movie is booooorrrrriiiinnnnggg. The acting is terrible and the character's actions never make sense. It gets 1/10 for an interesting idea and for trying.

Existen Z.
Existen Z.

Doppleganger Starring: Koji Yakusho Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa A robotics expert (Yakusho) struggling to complete his latest project gradually finds his life turned upside down and torn apart by a mysterious doppleganger that seems to be his dark half in every concievable way. Is this being real, or merely a manifestation of his cracked mind? "Doppleganger" had the potential to be a fine horror film. It's well-acted, makes cleer use of split-screen, and has an atmosphere about it that brought to mind 1970s and early 1980s horror films like "The Fog" ( [URL=]review here[/URL] ) and "Messiah of Evil" ([URL=]review here[/URL]), even if it is far more low-key and trying far harder to be "intellectual" than most of fare the director's style reminded me of. Unfortunately, this move draaaaaags. It would be a far better movie if it was trimmed from its bloated 107 minutes down to about 90. If you're one of those folks who bought into the whole "J-Horror is a brilliant cinematic movement that is unlike anything the world--nay, the UNIVERSE!--has ever seen!", then maybe this is a film you should check out as soon as you can. Otherwise, you can safely ignore it. (Hell, even if you DID believe the marketing hype, this is a weak example of "J-Horror" and you can wait until you've seen everything else you can lay your soy-sauce stained fingers on.)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller

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