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April 30, 2015
Eccentric Dora-heita (Alley Cat) is nicknamed because he's a notorious gambler, womanizer, and is now the fourth magistrate of small town which is ripe with corruption. Already spreading rumours to show how unlikeable he is, Dora-heita is unlike his predecessors, and has an effective strategy to uncover the villains, take back the town, and do it with maximum style. There's a lot more realism to this samurai film, as the action is toned down and there's only a few quick fights. Its the intense cat and mouse game, strategies, and great performance from the lead that make for an effective film. Dora-heita is an underrated gem.
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December 3, 2008
definitely one of the more american influenced samurai films, feeling like a blend of classic samurai drama and beverly hills cop, this film intrigue's from the first moment and never lets up. solid performances, great screen writing, and a wonderful story make this one of my favorite samurai films. the music was my only real complaint. directed by the legendary kon ichikawa and written by four of the greatest directors in history, including my favorite director akira kurosawa, this seldom sighted samurai film is a classic.
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April 30, 2008
Excellent Old School Asian Flix. Watch and be Intenisfied.
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