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Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return Quotes

  • Jester: Ugh! I don't speak monkey!

  • Scarecrow: With all of Oz at risk, I need you two to stand guard.

  • Glinda: My, but you're...silly.
    Jester: It's a costume, isn't it? It's my curse. Literally. I can't take this off ever.

  • Glinda: Dorothy will stop you.
    Jester: Aren't I quivering!

  • Scarecrow: Hiya, kiddo! An evil Jester is threatening us, and you are the only one who can help us!

  • Dorothy Gale: This doesn't look like the Oz I remember.

  • Dorothy Gale: I can't believe it, Toto! We're really back in Oz!

  • Jester: Don't mess with The Jester!

  • Marshall Mallow: Appearance isn't everything. The name's Mallow, not shallow.

  • Scarecrow: Scarecrow to Dorothy! Come in, Dorothy!

  • Cowardly Lion: Dorothy!

  • Dorothy Gale: Come on Toto time to go back in
    Dorothy Gale: Come on Toto, time to go back in.

  • China Princess: I thought you'd be taller
    China Princess: I thought you'd be taller.

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