Down to the Sea in Ships Reviews

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June 27, 2013
2nd best movie about whaling behind Moby Dick (1955). Lionel Barrymore is as close to a real sea captain as I've seen. I still don't know how they made the Amazing Ice burg collision.
March 23, 2013
I am not a professional movie critic but at 80 started with Pinocchio and GWTW when they first hit the screen. DTTSIS should be rated a classic. The acting, particularly by Lionel Barrymore, is superb, the action amazingly credible without modern computerization, and cinematography so striking, one doesn't notice it is B&W. Somehow, it is such a good picture, that I, and others like me, who loath even the thought of "taking whale", are not affected by that distraction. An extraordinary movie and very pleasant introduction to Richard Widmark in his earliest role as a good guy (only 5th or 70 career movies), and surprising ly effective performance by young teenager, Dean Stockwell. A. Cotlar
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