Down from the Mountain Reviews

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December 30, 2006
December 6, 2005
January 29, 2005
February 18, 2004
A beautifully done record of a very unusual event - and one that inadvertently serves as a testament to John Hartford, making it a very special document of musical history.
March 10, 2003
December 8, 2002
Now if you're looking for an in-depth study of the music, look elsewhere. This movie is strictly about the one event [a benefit concert (for the Country Music Hall of Fame 2001)].
November 23, 2002
Feels glossed over and incomplete.
June 1, 2002
May 31, 2002
A film that's lovely to hear, though not much to look at.
January 6, 2002
The music is grand, the performances are direct and Down From the Mountain is unpretentious in its presentation of both.
November 8, 2001
In her performances and asides to the documentarians, it is Welch who best articulates why this music is so moving.
October 27, 2001
Has the ease of a casual get-together by musicians who enjoy jamming with each other and who give us the privilege to sit there and listen and watch.
October 25, 2001
Hardly a groundbreaking concert movie, but it's a creditably agreeable one.
October 25, 2001
A Polaroid sprung to life.
October 22, 2001
It's poor filmmaking, but wonderful music.
October 21, 2001
It's impossible to deny the unalloyed joy that the film gives the spectator.
October 19, 2001
John Hartford is the uncle you wish to God you had had as a kid. And he can play that fiddle, too.
October 12, 2001
Like the old-timey music that inspired it, Down From the Mountain is sweet, serene and utterly unconcerned with polish.
October 12, 2001
Pennebaker must have realized that the songs -- the spiritual sounds of the deprived and underprivileged -- were the story, so he let the music do most of the talking. A wise move on his part.
October 4, 2001
There are plenty of musical highlights here.
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