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Downfall (Der Untergang) Quotes

  • Adolf Hitler: Be ruthless. Life doesn't forgive weakness.

  • Hermann Fegelein: So that means we are no longer allowed to think?

  • Hermann Fegelein: Yeah? What do you expect from a teetotal, non-smoking vegetarian?

  • Traudl Junge: All these horrors I've heard of during the Nurnberg process, these six million Jews, other thinking people or people of another race, who perished. That shocked me deeply. But I hadn't made the connection with my past. I assured myself with the thought of not being personally guilty. And that I didn't know anything about the enormous scale of it. But one day I walked by a memorial plate of Sophie Scholl in the Franz-Joseph-Strasse. I saw that she was about my age and she was executed in the same year I came to Hitler. And at that moment I actually realised that a young age isn't an excuse. And that it might have been possible to get to know things.

  • Heinrich Himmler: When I meet Eisenhower, should I give the Nazi salute, or shake his hand?

  • Adolf Hitler: Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!

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