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March 5, 2019
Downsizing is mostly a disappointment because it feels like a waste of a brilliant idea.
February 26, 2019
Payne's script has a tendency to meander (making room for plenty of cameos), and Downsizing is overlong, but the world it creates is so simultaneously fascinating and horrifying that you don't mind spending some more time there.
February 8, 2019
The first half of the movie is quite good, engaging and funny in a thoughtful way. Unfortunately, the plot gets weighed down by unnecessary additions that cause it to feel a bit heavy-handed.
February 1, 2019
Oscillating considerably in tone and mood, Downsizing abruptly jumps from a poignant drama to a bleached pseudo-thriller, and then to a bland comedy.
January 30, 2019
Downsizing was simply just not a good movie, in my opinion. I wanted it to be good mainly because the concept seemed really original.
January 24, 2019
Downsizing dares to ask if humans will be ready to make the sacrifices necessary for the survival and preservation of the species is on the line.
December 21, 2018
What a disappointment Downsizingturns out to be, a nearly complete waste of an incredibly original concept from director Alexander Payne.
November 27, 2018
Initially it has a magnetic pull, its premise familiar yet scarily out there. But then come a whole new batch of questions and answers, spinning in different directions, and the film can't maintain that initial excitement, wonder, and indeed cruelty.
November 1, 2018
Fails to capitalize on the "man shrinks" concept in any meaningful way, shape, or size.
October 31, 2018
It's a real dud and (pardon the pun) a BIG letdown of a movie.
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