Downtown 81 Reviews

October 18, 2001
Director Edo Bertoglio and writer-producer Glenn O'Brien gave [Basquiat] little to do but walk around and look pretty.
July 13, 2001
Amateurish in the extreme, the film is a feast of bohemian clich, bad writing and worse acting.
July 13, 2001
Presents a smug, self-satisfied vision of its own world.
July 10, 2001
Presents the underground culture and brings its pretentiousness along with it.
June 28, 2001
Basquiat himself is handsome but vapid, a sounding board for philosophical drivel that gives tortured, penniless artists a bad name.
June 7, 2001
A hopelessly rambling, amateurish mess of disjointed thoughts and imagery.