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October 16, 2015
With a budget just barely above that of the TV show, this is a big screen, color remake of first Dalek adventure, which doesn't expand the story, while removing most of the elements that made the television show so intriguing. The Doctor is just some scientist from earth, as is his granddaughter Susan. Barbara is now also the doctor's granddaughter and Ian is her suitor. Peter Cushing does give an interesting interpretation of the the Doctor. Hard core fans of the television series may want to view this, everyone else beware.
October 7, 2015
This probably shouldn't be watched by Doctor Who fans, as it gets just enough wrong to drive them to fan rage. But as a movie itself, it's not good either. It keeps the viewer somewhat engaged, but it also lacks the laughably bad moments we have come to love about old sci fi movies.
June 6, 2015
Terry Nation's creation of TV's Doctor Who got a feature film adaptation and was changed to Dr. Who. Besides the name change, The Doctor is now a human doctor and not a Time Lord and the Dalek's don't look quite the same. However, he does still have a Tardis that's bigger on the inside and has some companions who join him on an interstellar adventure. The character of The Doctor is pretty different from the show, but the story seems like a fairly typical Who story. Peter Cushing is fine as the Doctor, but nothing exceptional, which is kind of disappointing since Cushing has had so many other memorable parts.
May 28, 2015
Probably a bit confusing for some since it changes many of the characters from the First Doctor years (most notably the Doctor is a human named Dr. Who and he invents the TARDIS).
February 17, 2014
such a good film.I would defineatly recomend it
½ December 22, 2013
Tydligen en halvt inofficiell Doctor Who-film, som bygger på ett avsnitt ur original-serien. Inledningsvis är det rappt, kul och snyggt, för att senare bli en blek variant av The Time Machine (1960). Dalekarna, som "can move easily", är dock underhållande rakt igenom.
November 26, 2013
An Extremely Well Made Film, That's A Remake Of The Second Story William Hartnell Had Appeared In, The Daleks (1963), Written By Terry Nation. For Whovian's To Enjoy This, You First Have To Get Your Head Round The Fact That, The Doctor Is Now Human & His Surname Is Who. Secondly He Built The TARDIS & Finally Barbara Is Now Also His Granddaughter. After This Revelation The Film Rather Quickly Becomes A Typical Who Story. The TARDIS, Sends The Crew To Skaro, Where The Thals And Daleks Are Fighting A War, The Doctor Helps The Thals Defeat The Daleks. A Simple Plot But One That Works. This Unofficial Dr. Who Outing Is The First Time The Doctor Was Seen In Colour.
November 24, 2013
When you ignore the fact that it's not Doctor Who despite the presence of the the TARDIS and the Daleks, it might be somewhat enjoyable as a 60's sci-fi flick. The sets are cheesy, the characters are cliche, and the plot is a mess. Not to mention long Dalek monologues. While I've no clue why they would make something as non-canonical as this, it's far from terrible.
July 19, 2013
As I said with the previous Dr. Who film that I saw, which was the sequel to this, I'm not a major Dr. Who fan of any kind. I've seen the show and enjoyed it, but I'm not a die-hard fan. Dr. Who and the Daleks is actually lesser than its sequel, in my estimation. I find many aspects of it really annoying, including the little girl and the voice of the Daleks themselves. There's also the comic relief, who is absolutely annoying in nearly every aspect. This film is very dated and doesn't have much going for it. Dr. Who isn't even an alien, and you don't have to be a Dr. Who fan to know that. Overall, I'd say watch it only if you're a fan of the show and you're curious what an incarnation of the character played by Peter Cushing would be like.
June 17, 2013
It's funny seeing such bad special effects from a bad SHOW. No thanks. I don't like this at all.
May 30, 2013
I can forgive the shoestring production values and enjoy Peter Cushing as Grandpa Who, but the last act falls right off the face of entertainment value as the entire team of heroes dramatically leaps... a two-foot chasm? An okay addition to some box set of the old serials, but not "Dr. Who The Movie" by any means.
½ January 20, 2013
very enjoyable and underrated film, yeah i know the doctor in this is a human but you know, i like peter cushing, the way ian Chesterton is portrayed in this is weird, he is a bit of a bumbling idiot in this one
½ November 11, 2012
Compared to the 7-part TV serial of the same story, this gaudy plastic film comes nowhere near the quality or energy required. Some amazing alien landscapes, though.
July 26, 2012
Dr Who, a traveller in space and time, lands on a remote planet where he discovers two strange tribes; the Thals a race of beautiful humanoids living in simple ignorance in the forests, and the Daleks, a race of evil machine creatures living in a metal citadel. The Daleks plan to destroy the Thals, whom the Doctor must help by first convincing them of the danger they are in.

The BBC TV science-fiction show Dr Who is arguably the greatest British cult series of all time, and this is a smashing adaptation of Terry Nation's original serial featuring the Daleks - unforgettably monstrous, soulless, destructive, robotic fiends. The film benefits greatly from production values the TV show could only dream of - Bill Constable's sets are simply fantastic, particularly the Dalek city with its gleaming control rooms, sliding panels and trippy architecture. Unlike the serial, the movie is pitched squarely at children but is never stupid or condescending, and has all sorts of interesting themes going on; atomic mutation, space travel and (interestingly for a film made at the height of peacenik sensibilities) the inevitability of conflict. Cushing is as wonderful as always, playing the enigmatic Dr Who as a kindly, absent-minded grandfather figure. Whilst this may not be a great movie, it has action, style and charm to spare. A terrifically enjoyable sci-fi classic from the great producer team of Milton Subotsky and Max J. Rosenberg.
July 11, 2012
Really a good film. It is not over-long , over-dark or too "hollywodized". They made a great sci-fi/comedy film with not so great effects , but that doesn't worsen it. I recommend it dearly.
½ May 19, 2012
Seeing it again, it isn't quite as good as I remembered, but it is an entertaining and passable enough piece of nostalgia..... The script lacks bite at times, the plot isn't as inventive as any of the ones used in the landmark TV series and the art direction was a little on the cheap side....however, the music is very haunting, the Daleks are still as intimidating as I remembered, the pacing is fast and fun, the length is amiable and Peter Cushing is terrific as the Doctor....overall, fun and nostalgic, even with its many faults....
½ February 11, 2012
This is pretty poor but entertaining enough. Its Dr. Who but not the BBC version. My experience with the BBC version is sketchy at best. I think i only really truly enjoyed the Sylvester McCoy versions in the 1980s because i was at an age where this actually appealed. I've seen some of the modern day ones, and they dont interest me. Anyways, Amicus decided to cash in basically and write their own storyline after the success of the BBC version. Peter Cushing who plays the (human) Dr. is ok, but too timid. All in all this is made for the kids .I can see it pissing off many a modern day Dr. Who fan.
½ December 28, 2011
Sort of a big budget remake of the second serial to air in my favorite show, Doctor Who. The serial in question is The Daleks, which introduces the oldest and most recurring villain (the...uh...daleks). The film is sort of hit and miss. Personally, Peter Cushing isn't as entertaining for me as William Hartnell, his TV counterpart. This film on its own isn't all that special. The effects and color are stunning, and make the cheap old black and white originals pale in comparison...but the feel isn't quite as special as the series was from the start.
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November 20, 2011
In order for a Dr. Who fan to enjoy this, they must first come to terms with the fact that the Doctor is made a human with the surname of Who. He also invented the TARDIS himself. It's not that hard to ignore, as once they leave Earth, the plot is pretty much exactly what one should expect from Who. He travels into space with a number of companions and must help a peaceful race stop those damn pesky Daleks. Cushing gives a rather decent performance, being absent minded but clever at the same time. Roy Castle is overused as a mumbling fool. He falls over when doors open, sits on things, runs into walls etc. But at least he has a slight arc as he overcomes his fears and becomes heroic. Linden is more of an excuse to have Castle come along, as she doesn't do much. Perhaps two guys and a little girl travelling in space together would have seemed too weird to some. Some of the writing is a bit rough, as it basically just wants to hurry along. When meeting his granddaughter's new boyfriend the first thing Who does is show him the time machine. Good score, decent enough effects, result in a movie that doesn't betray its television roots. With some clever writing this could easily be placed into The Doctor's timeline, but as it stands it is some cheesy sci-fi fun.
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