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Drag Me to Hell Quotes

  • Christine Brown: Look! I did what you said! I killed a little kitty!

  • Christine Brown: I think I better go.
    Trudy Dalton: Yes, I think that would be best.

  • Christine Brown: Okay! I hear you! Leave me alone, just leave me the hell alone!

  • Christine Brown: I mean, you know how cats are, they come and they go.

  • Mrs. Ganush: Soon, it will be you who comes begging to me.

  • Christine Brown: Look, you don't need to understand! Shut up!

  • Mrs. Ganush: You shamed me... I begged you... and you shamed me.

  • Shaun San Dena: Perhaps someone has cursed you...

  • Christine Brown: It wasn't me; it was my boss!

  • Christine Brown: [laughing] I beat ya you old bitch!

  • Clay Dalton: This time, try not to piss off any old ladies.

  • Christine Brown: Here kitty, kitty...
    Christine Brown: Here kitty, kitty.

  • Mrs. Ganush: "Syarrrr!!!!"
    Mrs. Ganush: Syarrrr!!!!

  • Christine Brown: And get your filthy pig knuckle off my desk!

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