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Dragonheart Quotes

  • "Draco": You must have hated us very much.
    Bowen: I only hated one of you. These I killed because I wanted to kill him. But I never found and I never will. Since you're the last, he must be dead.
    "Draco": Tell me, what was he like, this dragon you hated?
    Bowen: He only had half a heart, but even that was enough to pollute an innocent boy.
    "Draco": Einon was no innocent! HE polluted the heart!
    Bowen: How do you know that? How do you know that, dragon?
    "Draco": [trying to carefully choose his words] All dragons know that story. What was to be their hope became their doom; a spoiled ungrateful child was given a great gift and destroyed it!
    Bowen: No! I knew Einon. I was his mentor, I taught him the ways of right of honor.
    "Draco": Then he betrayed you just as he did the dragon whose heart he broke.
    Bowen: That's a lie, dragon!
    "Draco": STOP CALLING ME DRAGON! I have a name.
    Bowen: Well what is it?
    "Draco": It's impossible to pronounce it in your tongue.
    Bowen: Try me.
    "Draco": It's... [a fiery pain in his left shoulder sends him to the ground]

  • Bowen: [teaching Gilbert to archer] Draw your bow, sight along the arrow, release! [releases the arrow, arrow sticks in the dummy's head]
    Hewe: Beginner's luck. Try again!
    Bowen: Steady... [releases the arrow, arrow sticks in the wooden dummy's crotch] [impressed, laughing] Brother Gilbert, you're a natural!

  • Gilbert: [to the cannidbal-threating mob having just learned of Bowen's scheme, suspecting his involvement] Peace, brothers! Peace! [the mob keeps coming, he turns to run] Heathens!

  • Bowen: [the villagers pelt Kara when she alls for rebellion] Why waste good food on bad rhetoric?

  • Gilbert: [voiceover] And in the days following Draco's sacrifice, Bowen and Kara led the people in a time of justice and brotherhood. As I remember it now, those were golden years warmed by an unworldly light. And when things became the most difficult, Draco's star shown more brightly for all of us who knew where to look.

  • Gilbert: [Bowen has just pretended to kill Draco for a second time] Well done, Bowen! You've done it again! What a brute! That's even bigger than the last one!
    Bowen: Actually, he's about the same size.

  • Young Einon: The peasants are revolting.
    Brok: They've always been revolting, Prince. But now they're rebelling.

  • Bowen: And now, Draco, without you, what do we do? Where do we turn?
    "Draco": [rising] To the stars, Bowen. To the stars.

  • "Draco": Look to the stars Bowen.....to the stars.
    "Draco": [rising] To the stars, Bowen.

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