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An ancient warlord has summoned a mythical beast, and now in order to awaken the dragon that can defeat the monster a young hero must complete a series of treacherous tasks.
PG-13 (for action/adventure violence, brief sexuality and drug use.)
Action & Adventure , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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The Asylum

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Dranquest is about as cheap and thinly plotted as any other Asylum film, but it does carry a little bot of charm. It starts off interesting, and references/rips-off several other fantasy films. But by the time it gets half-way though, the film is already worn-out and dull. Awful effects and poor characters, the movie ultimately dwindles down the same cheap cash-in road.

Wes Shad
Wes Shad

Definitely a SyFy "B" movie...It had decent action and special effects, but the acting was poor. The storyline was lacking in substance and the bad guy was lacking in everything including a decent villian personality. Oh well, with that script and the line up of virtually unknown actors and actresses what can you expect...

Ken T
Ken T

While I agree with the other reviewers who say this film has a clunky, cobbled together feel to it, I nevertheless found it entertaining in that cheesy way some films have of not quite totally succumbing to outright boredom or stupidity, even though there's very little in the way of plot to keep things totally on track. The fight scenes have a homemade look to them that would be laughable in, say, a western, but somehow manage, in this woebegone fantasy, to suggest that even the usually well-trained mercenaries have fallen on hard times under the regime of evil that has befallen the land. And, in comparison to bloated, drawn-out movies like adaptations of Harry Potter novels, this film fairly flies along in its breezy, unassuming approach to its ultimate battle between virtue and corruption. Given how few characters of any substance there ARE in this film, it's a bit like THE WIZARD OF OZ, without a yellow brick road or an emerald city per se, but with all the hallmarks of a coming-of-age, "journey" movie. In this case, the "Keeper" (or chosen one--think Luke Skywalker) must meet up with a veteran swordsman (think Obi Wan Kenobi and/or Yoda) who will teasingly release tidbits of information to keep the young man off balance as he learns more about himself and the challenges that will face him. While this sort of thing HAS been done much better, it's also been done much worse! That's why I'm giving it slightly more than a 50% rating.

Dale Biggs
Dale Biggs

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