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½ August 15, 2014
This is a beautifully scripted animation masterpiece. The soundtrack is a brilliant composition containing many melancholy pieces, which helps to carry the underlying message of anti-war in this conflict packed action adventure. The dazzling animation is fascinating and at times awe inspiring. One could watch this classic with the sound off and it would still be a great movie.

The film is perfect for kids, but also has more than enough depth and complexity to keep adults enthralled. It takes the watcher down a morally ambiguous conflict filled world of strange people, dragons, krystals, goblins and wizards. Only a heart of stone could feel nothing at the climax of the movie, which neatly tidies up one of the most well taught out story lines I have seen in the dragon krystal wizard conflict genre.

In short, if you have kids or you are a fan of great movies this is a must watch.
½ July 31, 2014
"Full of fantasy, adventure, and heart. A delightful and imaginative animated movie inspired by the Mega Blocks toy franchise."
October 28, 2012
I liked it as a kid, thinking back I remember a plot that was loose and could have been better, and action that was fun and understandable.
March 19, 2011
may be one of the worst films i ever saw
August 9, 2010
A for effort, C- for execution. Surprisingly dull action sequences. Bonus points for a different visual take on dragons though.
May 22, 2005
Going to the movie rental store this week-end was a "Me" time thing. I'd paced the store, slowly, twice, when I finally stopped and gave the kiddie section a chance. My eyes spotted the word Dragons... I read the grabber and decided it was perfect; under 80 min. long and just the kind of movie that takes no critical thinking to follow: dragons, mytical powers, and computer animated. Yeah, I like it. It improved my sour mood.:)

Next, I had backtracked down the isle and choose a film that was sure to torchure my mate! Nothing like a musical/opera to send a heavy metal drummer screaming for the hills! The couch & remote were all mine for about 2 wonderful hours... It was just me and Gerhard Butler's eyes, and voice. *sigh* The costumes; wow... Minnie Driver as the spoiled actress/drama queen was too funny. But when it came to Emmy Rossum, I just wasn't prepared to hear how good she is, even though I'd seen the 60 minute episode where they showed her returning to her former teacher to prepare for this role, and she sang for about 30 seconds.(the 60 min. segment was about the teacher not Rossum.) Phantom Of The Opera was moving, and I wasn't prepared either for the emotions it stirred for some of the characters (ei. The Phantom). I think it would have been ten times better seen live, and this movie only made me want more and more to someday get the chance.:D
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