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An alternate scientific history in which dragons were real and lived on this earth is imagined in this fantasy docudrama. Dr. Tanner (Paul Hilton) is a renegade scientist whose attempts to prove the existence of dragons -- which he believes lived on this planet at the same time as dinosaurs -- has cost him the respect of many in the archeological community. But a dig in Eastern Europe produced artifacts that suggests Tanner's theories may be valid after all. With the help of two of his colleagues (Aidan Woodward and Katrine Bach), Tanner examines the remains of what appear to have been dragons, and as he explains how they lived, his tales come to life in flashbacks illustrated by computer graphics technology. Dragons' World: A Fantasy Made Real was originally produced for the cable television network Animal Planet, where it first aired on March 20, 2005.


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Just watch this, before the controversial Mermaid Documentaries, Animal Planet made a convincing Dragon documentary featuring Tyrannosaurus rex and Chinese Tigers being second the the reptilian fire-breathing serpents and still falling short against their battle with mankind. We see a supposed discovery of a dead Dragon in Romania among the Carpathian Mountains. The dragons may be a lie, but the rest of the aspects of Biology, Zoology, Evolution, Ecology, and Paleontology are accurately used in the description of a mythological beast as they challenge our beliefs in the beasts. Look for someone who hasn't seen or heard of this film, then see their face change as they watch it. You, too may feel this way. Even knowing the story was only that, I was convinced and started looking through dragon stories for any connections as well as searching though different animals for cases of convergent evolution. I especially recommend that you show this to kids, as they will certainly be fascinated and start to wonder. More convincing (and even more true) than a Politician's speeches, take your friends and family into the Last Dragon's World, and experience this fantasy made real.

Preston Simpson
Preston Simpson

Though there are many awkward cuts, a few poorly spliced clips and some mediocre acting, Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real (The Last Dragon) is a captivating mockumentary that will please anyone loving dragons. It has an excellent score and some very impressive animation. Rating: 7.5/10

Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen

I did like it very much, but there were a few issues I had with it. (That's right: time to get unreasonably technical and pedantic!) It was, namely, the convoluted and unconvincing explanation for dragon's fire-breathing. Platinum is a rare mineral, and it's impractical for every member of a dragon species to seek it out in their waking moments when there's prey to hunt and territory to defend and genes to pass on. That's basically the equivalent of treasure-hunting in the middle of the woods. It ultimately makes for a limited, heavily time- and effort-consuming, and unnecessary weapon that teeth and claws can easily replace. There's an easier explanation for fire-breathing, however. A dragon could just have a duct in its throat that produces a caustic, flammable fluid, that can be sprayed out of the mouth to burn enemies. Like a bombardier beetle. (Kudos to crackpot creationist Duane Gish for this idea - he suggested that Parasaurolophus was able to do this, to explain dragon myths.) To their credit, though, the whole idea about a false palate to protect the throat from the fire was a very clever addition.

Brian Spiekerman
Brian Spiekerman

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