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½ February 26, 2014
I don't know why this movie exists. This guy is a "professional" skateboarder and I use professional loosely...he sucks I don't know how he even got any endorsements. I'm just glad he got a job to help support his kid.
November 29, 2013
Dragonslayer gives a somewhat interesting look at the burnout skater Skreech. Unfortunately that's all there really is to it. Skreech as a person isn't particularly likeable; he bums everything off other people, gets drunk, does drugs and doesn't seem all that happy about skating either as well as not being all that bothered about his baby son. What can I say? He's not all bad, there's a certain nomadic quality to him that i like, and i can't say his lifestyle is THAT terrible, he seems to have a good heart and considering i used to hang around with people like him & his friends he's probably just looking for a solid opportunity or inspiration in his life.
½ August 11, 2013
Picked this up thinking it was going to be another Dogtown and the Z Boyz. Ends up being a commentary about having nothing. Sad film.
½ June 23, 2013
Not entirely impressed with this movie. There's nothing really bad about it, but the subject matter of this homeless, druggie, skateboarder didn't hold my interest.
January 22, 2013
Skreech (just about) holds his life together better than the crumbling pools he skates in. Insightful documentary.
½ December 4, 2012
I enjoyed it. The numbers were not really needed though.
½ September 10, 2012
aimlessness and smoke-clouded dreams set against the devastation of the 2008 recession.
½ August 16, 2012
Sad. Not sure I "got it".
July 23, 2012
High marks for the cinematography and soundtrack. Minus for the subject. Seems like this kid just wanted to be a bum for the sake of being a bum. Kind of a poseur if you ask me. Then again these types always grate on my nerves. I think one of his biggest accomplishments was knowing which way to comb his kids hair. Pretty pathetic individual if you ask me. But if you can get past the main character, yes, you can see society crumble before your very eyes. So maybe this movie does work......
July 2, 2012
Beautifully shot! I loved it! Never seen a guy skate a pool fully nude. "I don't know enough to be insulted" - Skreech: the definition of odd
½ July 1, 2012
I wish I had never seen this movie. It's so sad that a guy can have a shit life, and not care. Better yet, I wish this movie was fiction. But it's real. Emotionally affecting, refreshingly original, and beautifully filmed. The formula to a great film. It hits really close to home, with the lingering topic of the recession, and recreational drug & alcohol use. One thing you should learn from this film, is to never end up like Skreech. Remember that, and you're good.
½ June 17, 2012
A good, sometimes beautiful looking documentary about a pretty unsympathetic person.
½ June 8, 2012
Not a "legend" skater as he is referred to as, not a very bright individual. Instead of documenting Southeastern white trash (such as Appalachia), they captured Western So-Cal white trash (ie People that should never create children)
June 8, 2012
I had a really hard time getting into this, but it was VERY well done.
½ June 6, 2012
splat, splat and more splat. And we're supposed to feel what about this guy?
June 6, 2012
Has everyone gone insane? This movie is a FAKE documentary!! It is painfully obvious. "Skreech" is a real skater and a real person, but he's acting in this film. The other characters are actors who were cast in the roles. I am shocked that no film critics have even suggested that this is not a real documentary. The characters are SO stereotypical. I almost couldn't watch the movie because it's so corny and contrived.
May 29, 2012
Theres a song in this movie that i really would like to know the name of, i checked the soundtrack and the song credits at the end and its not in either. It plays twice in the movie though, There is a short instrumental clip of it right a 4:50 into the movie then another with lyrics right a 43:20 when they're driving in a car after the real estate song, but they're all lofi so i cant really make out what they're saying something "beneath your shadow"? I don't know. If somebody could tell me the name of the song I would very much appreciate it. I don't know why they didn't credit the song or band anywhere.
April 14, 2012
a documentary that follows the life of a pathetic bum/mediocre skateboarder, Skreech. The film has no overall message whatsoever. Skreech has absolutely no motivation to do anything productive with his life, and instead sits around and smokes pot and drinks booze all day. Not to mention he acts like he's 12 years old. I can't believe I actually watched a documentary about this idiot. Save yourself some time and do not watch this.
January 10, 2012
With 'Dragonslayer,' Tristan Patterson proves himself an adept documentary filmmaker with a great sense of timing, but unfortunately his chosen subject is occasionally less interesting than those who he is surrounded by. From time to time, intriguing figures emerge, yet almost-instantly disappear. Sure, it's a comment on a generation of Orange County skate punks in recession-era California, but it's hard to feel supportive of a fellow who walks away from his infant child because he wants to see the world (and besides one skate championship trip to Copenhagen, never makes it any further than Tuscon for a week). For me, 'Dragonslayer' should have been longer and delved deeper into Skreech's co-slackers than keeping its focus strictly on its chosen anti-hero.
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