Drawing Restraint 9 Reviews

September 28, 2007
August 25, 2006
Offers no restraint on the writer/director's penchant for weird esoterica.
June 13, 2006
Hugely tedious...this turgid, opaque, whale-obsessed fiasco might be described as one big, festering hunk of blubber.
May 25, 2006
Doesn't advance the Barney oeuvre an inch past where he left it with his massive, megalomaniacal opus known as the Cremaster series.
May 25, 2006
Barney and Björk certainly deserve each other; theirs is a match made purgatorial.
May 18, 2006
You could think of admission to Drawing Restraint 9 as an $8.25 nap.
May 12, 2006
Allegedly all these incidents connect symbolically in Barney's mind, but in the viewer's, they thud, inert and separate as stones.
May 6, 2006
Usually, I like to align myself with out-there talents striving to make deeply personal works but in the case of Matthew Barney, this particular art-world emperor reveals himself to be naked and if he isn't ashamed, he probably should be.
April 21, 2006
Barney writes in the press kit that the heart of the piece is 'the relationship between self-imposed resistance and creativity.' Okay, fine. But do we care? Not this reviewer.
April 21, 2006
At 135 minutes, this overly long exercise in abstraction sinks under the weight of its Moby Dick-sized self-importance.
April 20, 2006
It's difficult to see the characters as anyone but Barney and Björk, and the film's binary system, opposing hard and soft, East and West, male and female, etc., feels clumsy and simplistic.
April 20, 2006
Drawing Restraint 9 lacks that sense of visiting an altogether fresh, personal universe that provided much of the fascination of the Cremasters.
April 19, 2006
An overblown home movie with almost no dialogue.
April 19, 2006
Slow and repetitive, the film might be worth a few minutes of attention when encountered on a video screen in a museum display, but at 135 minutes it doesn't provide much reward for a viewer's rapt attention.
April 6, 2006
As visually stunning as it is, DR9 is also more than two hours and contains, at best, 10 lines of dialogue, an ear-piercing Bjork score and no discernible plot.
April 6, 2006
It doesn't make any sense, but then this is Matthew Barney, master of the mysterious, and I don't mean that in a good way.
March 28, 2006
An unsatisfying marriage of excessive production values with insipid cinematography and flat-footed editing.
March 26, 2006
Primarily for those who fancy New Age-ish Viking howling and admirers of multi-media experimentalist Matthew Barney.
February 19, 2006
Like Björk's Medulla%u2014a heady, not-entirely terrible piece of experimental pop music just short of unlistenable%u2014Drawing Restraint 9 is beautiful, maddeningly indigestible, and impossible to resist.