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April 5, 2013
I saw the film when it opened and later rented it on VHS (not available on DVD yet.) A beautiful and heart wrenching film. Ian Holm as "Lewis Carroll" was sadly overlooked by the Oscars that year. The Muppet/Puppet scenes may strike modern audiences as a bit odd, but they add more charm and realism than CG could. One not to miss if/when it is ever shown. Send requests in to TCM.
½ January 26, 2013
An interesting, underrated delve into the history of one of our most beloved stories. The mesmerizing performances, surreal atmosphere and all around heart make this a memorable experience worthy of anyone willing to step through the looking glass.
October 15, 2012
Adds a dark undertone to the creation of the Alice story, and is aided by Henson's tactile, creepy versions of the Wonderland characters. But the interesting premise never rises to the level of engrossing.
June 8, 2012
Ian Holm is brilliant as the misunderstood, stuttering intellect responsible for the Alice In Wonderland stories. Shame on the film award circles for not recognising this exceptional performance!
March 11, 2012
Amazing film.amazing Coral Browne. I can't understand the "info"
Mr. Erickson shares e.g. the film is "lightened": by those to me terrifying
and grotesque characters of Jim Henson. And I thought the "long-sur
pressed secret" which was revealed to Alice was that she loved him too.
Roberta Hodes
½ February 3, 2012
Interesting but dry movie about the truths and myths behind the relationship between the author of Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll, and the real life Alice. We see their relationship as the book is being written and shortly theirafter, and Alice's life in her later years, as she's reminiscing, as she arrives for an award in New York. It's interesting, though hardly for everyone as this just goes at a bit of a slow pace, but good for people interested in literary tales.
½ November 8, 2011
I'm not sure what to make of this film. I found it intriguing, sad, and creepy at the same time.
February 23, 2011
Fanciful subtlety is inventively explored in this remarkably ambitious film from small-screen director Gavin Millar, in his only foray into big-screen cinema.
Super Reviewer
½ January 26, 2011
Living up to it's title a dreamy film of the aged Alice's half memories of her childhood and Lewis Carroll interwoven with sequences of animated characters from the story and her present day, the 30's, trip to receive an honorary degree. Nice sense of time and place and a truly lovely performance by Coral Browne as the grownup Alice.
½ August 15, 2010
A sweet new story about the real story behind Alice in wonderland. It's also a bit creepy, but that's okay
½ July 22, 2010
I must point out one fundamental flaw in this movie that has the ambition of picturing a possible realistic view of the relationship between Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll.

Alice Liddell: born May 4, 1852
Lewis Carroll: born January 27, 1832
Ian Holm: born July 12, 1931
Dreamchild: shot in 1985

So the producers chose a 54 year old man to play Lewis Carroll, who was exactly half his age, 27 years old, when Alice Liddell was 7 years old. Why perpetuate the "dirty old man" false preconception as a visible fact when everything else in the movie is done to dispel it? If the producers wanted to be realistic, why not take a 27 year-old man for the role?

As a Lewis Carroll fan, I cannot give this movie a better rate than 50% for this blatant mistake.
May 14, 2010
Dreamchild (1985) -- [6.0] -- A provocative film about the real 'Alice in Wonderland,' who at 80 years of age begins recollecting her memories of Lewis Carroll. Through flashbacks with Carroll (played by Ian Holm) and in twisted fantasy sequences featuring creations from the Jim Henson Creature Shop, Alice slowly comes to terms with something she never realized before -- that Carroll loved her. And I don't mean the way a father loves a daughter. The film explores the romantic obsession Carroll harbored for the little girl, which is apparently documented in some of the author's letters to family members. The subject is treated with subtlety and taste, but the movie has a hard time shaking its persistently sleepy atmosphere and languid pacing.
½ March 4, 2010
Fascinating speculation at Alice and Carroll's real relationship (and one I always suspected) and some truly frightening takes on the "Wonderland" characters from the Jim Henson Creature Shop...the film, however (with the exceptions of a few memorable sequences), is rather dull.
½ December 29, 2009
Weirdly intimate portrayal of the real-life inspiration of Alice in Wonderland, Alice Liddel. Well done, but getting a little long in the tooth. Could really do with a Film Four remake to really make the subject matter shine.
½ September 4, 2009
This was a little over my head when I watched it at like, 9. Pretty interesting little film and worth a watch despite being slow.
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March 19, 2009
nominated for best picture by NBR
August 30, 2008
Somewhere between creepy, sweet and boring, one can find this movie. I'd like to remake this, still parterning with Jim Henson of course and starring ... Oh I dunno, maybe Helen Mirren. Ian Holm was a great Lewis Carroll, he can totally reprise his role any day.
Super Reviewer
July 3, 2008
Quite good story behind the girl who was the inspiration for Alice in wonderland.
½ June 13, 2008
Just saw this one. Very well done, very well acted. Very subtle, but very honest about Lewis Carroll's relationship with the real Alice. The puppetry work by The Jim Henson creature shop was beautiful. Manages to be both eerie and magical at the same time.
June 7, 2008
I don't know, there was just something about this movie that was so captivating, and yet looking back on the movie, it was't a very interesting story at all. That it just a testament to the power tyhat good directing and music has. It tugs at your heartstrings when you see Lewis Carroll with Alice, but then you realize, wait: He's 50 and she's like 7. But it was beautifully made.
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