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May 13, 2014
Excellent!!! Beautifully done! Very, very nice drama with suspense, romance, action, etc.....and based around actual events that happened. I love how they occasionally added in actual true newsreels from that time, also. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good, well done historical fiction story.
May 13, 2014
There are just few films that talked something else than nazi germans and a whole population glorificating Adolf Hitler...In this movie, actually based in a real event and in real caracters, show you really inside the life of the german and foreigner population in that city during one of the most longest bombings during the world war second. A really dramatic and heart breaking movie, a very good made one, with a sort of new perspective of what i guess it the new wave of reviews made of the young german generation about their parents and grandparents lives. It is not my favorite but a pretty good made and interesting one.
May 13, 2014
Skip this if you can. Anyone who likes this video, hates history. For a German production of a historic atrocity of mad and aimless civilian bombin, it's a disgrace.
½ May 13, 2014
Nice to see the German perspective of events. It surely was a terrible action and in reflection had nothing to do with the outcome of the war. All points of view are catered for and truly shows the horror, of the only firestorm outside of Hiroshima. The love interest is a bit like the one that happens in 'Titanic' but thankfully less sentimental and does not get in the way of the important story. The horror effect of the most heavy carpet bombing, with incendiary devices is evident and the controversy will never end.
½ May 13, 2014
An excellent and compelling bit of historical fiction based around the sickening bombing of Dresden.
December 5, 2012
Impressive tv movie with breathtaking sequences
September 17, 2010
Despite being made in Germany, this was well acted, loved expensive and the dialogues not as stilted as usual in German films. Excellent effects of the bombing of Dresden and well brought in old original film footage.
November 7, 2009
Wow!!! I can't get over the inaccuracy of the movie description!! I hope they got the actors' names right. This is a German movie about the bombing of Dresden, Germany. German nurse Anna falls in love with British Bomber Pilot Robert. This film documents the events leading up to the bombing of the city in which over ten thousand people died. The fire alone was incredible and the scenes were horrifyingly magnificent. Overall it was well done but I being the hopeless romantic was not happy with the ending which is my reason for a lower rating.
½ July 21, 2009
Hyvä elokuva, vaikka dokumentaarisesta lopusta en tykännyt.
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June 7, 2009
Even though this German television film is high melodrama, its quality and insight overcome any clichs that might appear in the plot. World War II in Europe is on the wane. Germany is basically defeated but refused to give up. On a mission into Germany an English bomber pilot and his crew are shot down. Those who do not initially die in the crash are killed by villagers all save the pilot who manages to escape. Wounded, he seeks shelter in a hospital and is discovered by a nurse. She hides him and gives him medical help. She soon discovers that he understands her, because his mother was German. The pilot is dumped into a melodramatic mess in which the father of his savior nurse - the head of the hospital - is withholding pain killer from the wounded German soldiers and citizens in order to sell them on the black market and buy his family a way out of Germany before the inevitable defeat. But surrounding all of this melodrama is the story of Dresden written and produced by Germans whose view of the situation and the lives of the everyday citizens of a city that will soon become an incredible, flaming oven of death is insightful and horrifyingly realistic. This film was excellently produced with a quest for accuracy - an accuracy that is hard to view but one that is necessary for anyone who contemplates the inhumanity of war. It is clear that the bombing of Dresden was more of a punishment of Germany rather than an attack needed to end an already devastating war. There is much to learn in the special features of the DVD that add to the rewards of the film. If you knew of the firebombing of Dresden, have read a little, but didn't know much more, I think you will find this a worthwhile viewing. Plus, there's a nice love story with agreeable actors.
June 7, 2009
Interesting views of the bombing of Dresden - not one of the proudest allied achievements of the war - from the point of view of those on the ground. For all they were suffering and the stark portrayal of the horror, there is still the awareness of, "we brought this on ourselves". The romantic subplot neatly tied in to the ending, with the reconstruction of the church and its themes of reconciliation and renewal. Great combination of historical and recreated aerial footage, showing Lancasters in formation like flights of avenging angels.
½ May 20, 2009
Great film which provided a well researched and dramatized version of the attack and the horrors of a firestorm. The story line was well acted and the ending concentrating on the Church of our lady and its symbolic rebirth was particularly poignant. I thought the subtitles might be off putting but like Das Boot the pace of events swept you along without you realizing you were relying on them as a non german speaker.. If it has increased the awareness of this tragedy for those less interested in the historical aspect then a very worthwhile film.
½ April 30, 2009
With my interest in World War II war crimes, I expected "Dresden" to be right up my alley. I had already read Kuehnelt-Leddihn's novel "Black Banners", which fictionalises the U.S. bombing of an Austrian town, and as much as I could of Jorg Friedrich's tome on the Allied bombing of Germany, and I thought "Dresden" to be some kind of docudrama, showing us what it was like to live through or die in the firestorm that destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of civilians, often in the most gruesome manner.

Unfortunately, "Dresden" did not go the way of a docudrama like the brilliant 1995 "Hiroshima" but chose instead to use the rather belated bombing as a backdrop for a very unlikely and clicheed romance story involving an upper-class nurse, the doctor who is to become her fianc, and a daring bilingual RAF pilot whose plane has just crashed into her backyard.

I found the first part of the film (up to the sex scene) reasonably interesting (mostly because I found it historically immersive), but as the story progresses, implausibilities pile up and the whole thing becomes more and more ludicrous. Among the biggest absurdities are the protagonists constantly bumping each other during the air raid, in a city of more than a million inhabitants; and the pilot's overnight recovery from a crushed foot.

I am not too sure about the movie's historical reliability either (the Jews in particular must have been much worse off that late in the war) and despite the $14 million budget, I didn't find the "inferno" of the German subtitle that impressive. But maybe that's just because of all the descriptions I have read of such mass destruction, which is much more gory and large-scale than anything yet depicted on screen.
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April 10, 2009
Impressive tv movie with breathtaking sequences
½ March 5, 2009
So far so good. The best German film i've seen. The most expensive German film as well, made for TV. Showing both sides of the story @ the Dresden Bombings. With a love story.
½ February 19, 2009
a good movie ..a German viewpoint of the war...well acted by Felicitas Woll..
February 18, 2009
Moments of interest, but for me it simply fails to pull off any lasting suspension-of-disbelief. Think of the innovative soundtrack in Polanski's superb The Pianist when tinitus caused by the shelling , then consider the breathy dialogue in the midst of the firestorms.
February 17, 2009
Saw the last hour of this movie and it was brilliant and i would love to know the complete story between the British pilot and German nurse.
February 16, 2009
Not to many films attempt to give a different perception of victims in WW2. I am more interested in the historical aspect of this film, hence the romantic story was, to me, off putting, but a good film to watch.
February 14, 2009
Good plot, good script, good acting... weak ending for such a high quality movie. But still this is one to watch if you like war stories, drama and love stories.
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