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½ November 11, 2009
An interesting story. It was a good movie even though the ending didn't make much sense to me. The drumming is hypnotic.
½ August 28, 2009
It's true that the drumming is spectacular but contrary to how the film was advertised, there's really quite little of it. The rest - a half-baked story about mafia and family relations - is very poor, and the acting isn't good enough to make it slide by. The cinematography is quite good, but it's just not enough to make it work.
June 11, 2009
a film that could easily be misunderstood. cartainly not a jackie chan type movie. the zen/drum community machinations were pretty intrigueing
May 19, 2009
A good example of the "deep and philosophical film from the Far East" trend that's been sweeping the world in the last few years... This one is pretty pathetic.
April 22, 2009
A movie that feels like a schizophrenic trying to figure out it's identity, The Drummer suffers from the fact that it can't seem to decide whether it's a movie about self-discovery or if it's a gangster movie. Each genre on it's own would have made for an interesting movie, but when you have both elements elbowing each other for screen time, each transition abruptly brings the viewer out of viewing experience and thus suffer. In truth, this movie should have gotten a lower score for the unbelievable and inconceivable personal transformation of the main character (played by Jaycee Chan), if not for the stellar performances of the so called Zen Drummers within this film. The beats of the drums make for a powerful pulse that just seems to get the viewer just within the moment of each beat. Too bad it had things like plot to get in the way of it.
April 22, 2009
There is a good plot...but just not enough to cover the long and slow dialogue. The drum and ganster plot just doesn't seem to blend very well except trying to teach the kid a lesson....but don't think the lessons were very well convey.
March 30, 2009
a feel good gangster movie with a new age twist, and lots of laughs. I found some of the philosophical crap to be superfluous and couldn't see the connection between drumming and the events in the main character's life.
½ February 18, 2009
woah hmmmmm speechless . . .
½ February 8, 2009
i enjoyed although it had alot of loose ends tot ie up (the story leaves you with questions). I loved the r/ship of the kids and the father, the father made me laugh. I thought it was a good performance from jaycee chan. Taiwan is sooo beautiful.
January 16, 2009
I want to live like that! lol
Good portrait of the human spirit shown through the ancient art of drumming <3
½ January 15, 2009
didn't much like the beginning, but the main character transformed from that brat to a really mature and spiritual drummer at the end, and i just looooved the scenery from the mountain.... it was a really good film that depicted the modern times, but with a really good introduction and flash into the old ancient drumming and the drum team...
December 27, 2008
Classic story of self evolution which benefits from the Taiwanese and Zen drums backgound. Goof work from the all cast and the director.
December 15, 2008
no thanks not my thing
½ December 15, 2008
It's an interesting film. The drum performances are first class.
October 30, 2008
gangsters y zen; me gustó la historia, aunque podía haber durado media hora menos.
August 23, 2008
I am this instant. and this instant is the son of my father
drumming is not about drumming
July 30, 2008
Amazing! the scenery in Taiwan is beautiful it makes me want to go there damn the man!
½ July 20, 2008
With a well-told story and commendable dramatic performance from Jaycee Chan, 'The Drummer' is definitely worth a watch.
½ June 28, 2008
Jaycee Chan sucks donkey balls
June 16, 2008
I totally enjoyed this film, the acting is great, the theme of father/son relationships was quite resonant and the shots of Taiwan were great
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