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Prolific Hong Kong filmmaker Yuen Woo-ping directed this amusing martial arts spoof which marked the film debut of popular genre actor Donnie Yen. Yen plays Chin Dao, an unruly rascal who continually runs headlong into trouble. After causing the son of a local boss to lose face, Chin Dao compounds his infraction by causing the young man to go insane after fighting back when the boy seeks revenge using firecrackers. This development enrages the boss so much that he orders Dao's entire family to be murdered by a mute but powerful killer known as the Killer Bird (Yuen Shun-yee). Dao is crushed when he comes home one day to find that his father and brother have both been killed by the assassin, and -- his life completely altered -- wanders aimlessly until meeting a puppeteer (Yuen Cheung-yan) and his heavyset wife (Lydia Shum). The couple attempt to teach Dao to earn a living, but his inability to carry out even the most simple tasks without botching them soon finds him homeless again. While on the streets, he unwittingly saves the Killer Bird's son from some kidnappers, but this does nothing to dissuade the assassin from trying to murder him. Dao is almost killed, but makes his way to the puppeteer, who decides to teach him a method of "soft style tai-chi" which can defeat his pursuer. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi
Action & Adventure , Art House & International , Comedy
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another 4 day week in wisconsin is about to end, they have announced 6 to 9 inches of snow for tonight, hopefully that will start after my plane has taken off! last night watch famous classic "drunken taichi"! i found this DVD for 5.99 here in a weird place, and went straight to the hotel to watch it, i must add that the one and only time i saw this movie was around 1980! donnie yen skills look really good in this movie, i am not exactly a fan of most of his work, but in this movie he does a lot of nice stuff directed by Yuen Wooping and working alonside some of his sons. the movie was flimed in the central movie studios of taiwan (zhong ying wen hua cheng) and i had just been there last november, therefore it was nice to see all those places that i have recently visited. and i have to add that, as the movie was playing, all these memories from it were coming to my head, scene by scene, incredible how the human memory works! i remembered the whole movie! k, time to go to the airport. next week, got two options to work, one is in socal at a place called temecula or something like that, the other is in UCDavis, we'll see what happens...

Emilio Alpanseque
Emilio Alpanseque

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