DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp Quotes

  • Louie: I'm gonna wish for a million wishes!
    Genie: Get serious! That never works!

  • Huey: Can't he stay with us, Uncle Scrooge?
    Dewey: Yeah.
    Scrooge McDuck: Oh, no! I'm not letting this opportunity slip from my fingers!
    Dewey: But he's our friend.
    Scrooge McDuck: Nonsense! A genie isn't a person! A genie is a... a thing!

  • Launchpad McQuack: Please put your seats back in the upright position.
    Scrooge McDuck: Just put the plane up in an upright position!

  • Genie: Wish them back, please!
    Webby: I can't! That was my last wish!
    Genie: I wish you hadn't said that!

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