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November 16, 2007
Cult classic, all I can say is: lol
November 10, 2007
While an aquired taste in general, the Red Green movie is classic to any fan, and suprisingly well worth watching, for a movie made from a cult-classic Canadian public broadcast show.
October 30, 2007
I really don't like the Red Green shows, so I doubt I would enjoy a movie with the same basis!
October 21, 2007
I remember sitting down every saturday to watch Red Green on PBS, i got such a kick out of that show. So when i heard the lodge members were going to be hitting the big screen, i so wanted to see that movie. I got very lucky, a year before PBS aired it during festival, and had half hour breaks trying to sell things to you. I recieved the DVD at christmas from my aunt. It is worth seeing it at least once or twice if your a fan of the show, but i know a few people that hate Red Green with a passion, but it is an enjoyable flick just for several visual gags alone.
October 13, 2007
Not As Funny as The SHow
October 9, 2007
It may not be the best work but anything RedGreen I HAVE to like
½ August 30, 2007
Not a big red green fan, better then I thought it'd be.
August 21, 2007
Not as good as the tv show.
August 17, 2007
½ August 12, 2007
Funny and stays true to the characters of the TV show.
August 7, 2007
Not a particularly great movie, but I'm a rabid Red Green/Harold fan and found it a charming picture about the duct-tape swan that could.
July 30, 2007
Funny as can be the best scene is the electrical shorting out in the hotel room
July 26, 2007
I love this movie! It isn't for everyone, but I am an avid fan of the TV show. I actually went to the premier and saw Red Green himself!
July 18, 2007
Pretty bad but I love Red Green; border official: "Citizenship?'
Red Green: "Canadian...Don't you want proof?" Border Official: "No. It's obvious." Could be family!
Super Reviewer
July 15, 2007
Charming movie, as only the Canadians can do. Based on the "Red Green" television show. I like Steve Smith's character. It's dorky but got a lot of heart. They should've had a love interest for Red Green in this movie.
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