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February 19, 2019
There are a few laugh-out-loud lines, but the situations prompt more curiosity about what will happen and/or how they'll get out of it than actual amusement.
November 6, 2018
A fairly unoriginal movie which exasperates any opportunities for comedy, with the end results being run of the mill and slightly contrived.
September 11, 2017
Oscar-nominated actor Robert Downey Jr. usually has a knack for picking good movies. But Due Date is not one of them.
March 11, 2016
Galifianakis keeps the laughs coming in the hilarious, banter-filled first half, but as Due Date descends into explosions, car-chases and awkwardly inserted moments of poignancy, it loses its wit and pacing in favor of predictable stunts.
November 9, 2013
Due Date is absolutely hilarious! Downey Jr. and Galifianakis are perfect together and the film is wildly entertaining.
October 14, 2013
As far as road trip comedies go, this isn't the best one. However, it has plenty of funny parts - even outside of the trailer.
January 31, 2013
Aims the slow burn of Robert Downey Jr. at the addled idiocy of Zach Galifianakis in a "Hangover" director's version of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."
January 6, 2013
"Due Date" begins with a bad dream and eventually feels like one. It's tired and formulaic and offers only a few mild laughs.
October 5, 2012
Phillips convolutes the adventure with a bizarre mix of unrealized emotional complexity and over-the-top gross-out humor but most viewers will still enjoy the loony ride.
September 22, 2012
"Due Date" wants to get you attached to its characters, but never finds the emotional resonance to make it happen.
November 5, 2011
... Dramatic moments work better than most of the comedy.
September 26, 2011
Downey and Galifianakis start this year's movie countdown to Christmas ho-ho-ho's with a solid round of rousing ha-ha-ha's.
July 14, 2011
It runs out of steam before the end comes into view.
May 4, 2011
Some amusing bits punctuate the tone-deaf proceedings like actual bits of chicken in Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup.
April 4, 2011
Having established that this movie has no good reason to exist beyond extending Zach Galifianaki's recent brand ascendancy, it's as good as you could want a useless entertainment exercise to be.
March 16, 2011
Peter and Ethan are not people you'd care to have sitting next to you on the shortest of bus trips, let alone a 2,000-mile car journey, but Downey Jr and Galifianakis make Due Date well worth the ride.
March 1, 2011
How much you'll enjoy Due Date depends more on your esteem for the leads rather than the quality of the screenplay; it is a mess of emotions and situations, working more than not, though tainted by that air of laziness that the entire production invites.
February 15, 2011
...an ill-tempered comedy, relying on misfortune and childishness for its humor.
February 10, 2011
A post-9/11 reproductive countdown road movie, Due Date rummages for laughs by pairing two eccentric comic actors together for a long cross-country drive, who should probably never be in the same room together.
February 6, 2011
Due Date manages to deliver the laughs.
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