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½ April 27, 2017
Soap opera western about Pearl, a "half-breed" woman, who goes to live with distant relatives after her father is hanged for murder. Pearl finds herself torn between two brothers, one good and one bad. Gets tiresome as she seems change her mind based on how much attention the boys give her. Certainly a bit dated. Does sport an impressive number of extras on horses in some scenes. Lead actress, Jennifer Jones, was nominated for an Oscar as best lead actress but over-acts plenty. I guess that's the way it was done back then.
April 21, 2017
Was expecting a classic western but instead got this over-colored, over-done, over-everything hacienda soap opera. They should have made this a porn film with some lurid and thrilling half-dressed action which a hung 'n horny Gregory Peck (er) would have been very glad to role play with the luscious Pearl to the hilt. What big wet lips she had. Then re-titled it "Pearl: La Puta de la Rancho Bit Espanol." At least it would have had some redeeming statement. A disappointment all the way around.
July 5, 2016
But it's a real departure from your classic western formula. Jennifer Jones sizzles as a hot little half-breed that wants to be a "good girl" but just can't resist all those wicked urges. Gregory Peck missed his calling..he is fantastic as the ultimate bad boy who just takes what he wants, and kills who he wants without remorse all the while getting atta-boys from the old man with Lionel Barrymore in a familiar role of rich curmudgeon. Yeah, it's over the top melodrama and literally everything is way overdone but I still love it. Too bad the Lewt character didn't carry over to The Gunfighter, another western soap opera that has lent itself to over-analyzation.
½ December 26, 2015
151226: If in 2015 I feel this film is a bit harsh, I wonder what 1946 audiences would have thought? From racism to cattle and familial rivalry to the iron horse, I believe this film would be more appropriately called "Duels in the Sun" or perhaps just "Duels". Black hearts result in black endings, for all the twisted souls in this film...except Sid. Some overly dramatic acting here but not a bad western.
September 12, 2015
While a little overwrought, Duel in the Sun is helped by King Vidor's masterful eye and Gregory Peck, playing against-type as the villain.
April 28, 2015
If you want movie entertainment Duiel is where you go.
½ February 21, 2015
Sprawling epic western has half breed boarding up with her distant family and becoming involved in a love triangle with her half cousins. A film whose obvious grand designs fell short on execution. Lead actress Jennifer Jones would be nominated for an Academy Award and later marry the producer.
February 18, 2015
Any girl who was my girl is still my girl. That's the type of guy I am.

Pearl Chavez is a half breed at a time of native American mixed children were frowned upon; however, Pearl is beautiful and adopted by a man with two sons. The sons grow up one good and one bad and both in love with Pearl. The bad one gets her, and the good one moves away; but when things go bad for Pearl, hopefully the good brother will save her.

"Act like I'm not even here. Act like we never even met."

King Vidor, director of War and Peace, The Citadel, The Fountainhead, Lightening Strikes Twice, The Big Parade, Three Wise Fools, and Dusk to Dawn (1922), delivers Duel in the Sun. The storyline for this film is very good and was intense in several scenes. The acting was astronomically good and the cast contains Gregory peck, Joseph Cotton, Lionel Barrymore, Jennifer Jones, Lillian Gish, Harry Carey, Otto Kruger, and Butterfly McQueen.

"I should have done that to you years ago."

This was a surprisingly good western where Peck delivered a magnificent villain role. His performance was so wiry, loose, and unpredictable. His character had a ruthless swagger that gripped the picture and didn't let go till the final scene. This is a must see for fans of Peck and a very unique role for him.

"I bet I can hit that ding dong straight on."

Grade: A
½ February 10, 2015
Even the knock-off of Gone with the Wind is excellent.
January 20, 2015
Vale la pena por su grandioso final y una deslumbrante fotografia a todo color.
January 13, 2015
David O. Selznick intenta duplicar el éxito de "Gone With The Wind" con un épico de dos horas y media (incluyendo prólogo y epílogo) acerca de una mujer mestiza (Jennifer Jones) y su relación con dos hermanos: uno bueno y noble (Joseph Cotten) y otro irresponsable y violento (Gregory Peck). A veces demasiado melodramática, a veces demasiado grandilocuente, pero efectiva y con un final tan extraño como contundente.
January 13, 2015
David O. Selznick intenta duplicar el éxito de "Gone With The Wind" con un épico de dos horas y media (incluyendo prólogo y epílogo) acerca de una mujer mestiza (Jennifer Jones) y su relación con dos hermanos: uno bueno y noble (Joseph Cotten) y otro irresponsable y violento (Gregory Peck). A veces demasiado melodramática, a veces demasiado grandilocuente, pero efectiva y con un final tan extraño como contundente.
December 13, 2014
wohoo love hate relationship :D
April 24, 2014
Good story line, cast, sets, cinematography...but not well directed by King Vidor. Critical scenes are clumsily handled; the final shootout seriously botched.
½ March 31, 2014
David O. Selznick's western melodrama that was intended to recreate his success with "Gone With the Wind." Duel doesn't doesn't reach those heights, mostly due to a muddled script by Selznik himself (the first cut of the film reportedly ran 26 hours) and lots on on-set meddling by Selznik (he was dating the film's star Jennifer Jones at the time and hired and fired a number of directors, even directing the film himself at one point). However, the film does overcome it's melodramatic faults with a terrific cast (Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Gregory Peck, Lionel Barrymore, Lillian Gish, Walter Huston, Charles Bickford, Harry Carey, Otto Kruger and the great Hank Worden), excellent production values (the film went way over budget), a nice score by Dimitri Tiomkin, and fine performances by the three leads (Jones, Peck and Cotten). The script was originally written with Hedy Lamarr and John Wayne in mind, which I think might have been an interesting version to have seen, but the version we do have is nowhere as bad as it's reputation, though it's also quite a missed opportunity considering the talent involved.
½ February 8, 2014
Lust In The Dust With THAT Girl Pearl--Magnificent and Colorful Western!!
February 7, 2014
Lavishly produced attempt to top Gone With the Wind - the swooning melodrama this time is even more pantomime and ridiculously overdone. The characters don't help. Barrymore is the devil, Cotton is dull, Peck is despicable, and Jones either plays the dumbest character ever on screen, or (more likely) was the dumbest actress ever on screen. Way too much cruelty, way too much stupidity, very little sympathy. Which is a shame, because the desert cinematography in this film is outstanding, the production in general is outstanding, and the scene of hundreds of horses galloping together is truly spectacular - by forties or any other standards.
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½ January 1, 2014
Originally I had no intentions of seeing this, but, due to the fact that it really angered the Catholic Church back in the day, and the fact that Martin Scorsese, known for his great taste, holds this in high regard (it was the first film he ever saw), I finally got curious and decided to give it a watch and...

...frankly this film is kind of a joke. It's a big, grand, melodramatic western romance that tries to be the western equivalent of Gone With The Wind, and doesn't quite make it there.

This is a grand and gorgeous film, but it's also an overlong, overblown, and rather silly soap opera.

The plot follows a half breed beauty named Pearl who goes to live with some wealthy relatives after her father is executed for killing his unfaithful wife. Pearl doesn't get on too well with the patriarch, but when it comes to his two sons, well, that's a different story. She falls in love with one, and in lust with the other, with the bulk of the film being a sordid love triangle that, sue, in the mid 40s probably was scandalous due to the sexual tensions and innuendos, but today comes off as tame, and really ridiculous and silly.

The film has some okay performances though, like Jennifer Jones as Pearl (though she's not really that believable as a half-breed) and Gregory Peck and Joseph Cotton as the two brothers Pearl is torn between. Lionel Barrymore and lillian Gish are also around, and they help elevate the material some, but even then this is still a bit of a mess, though at least an ambitious one.

The film does look great though, with some stunning cinematography and camera work, as well as some decent music,. Unfortunately, this is a very dated picture that's also quite boring. Maybe if this were far shorter it would be a lot better.

All in all, I can give this some respect on a technical level, and a bit in the acting area, but overall I can't say I totally liked this.
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