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½ April 23, 2016
Duel of Fists stars David Chiang as Fan Ke, an engineer/son of a martial arts master. Told that he has a long lost brother by his dying father, Fan Ke goes to Thailand to find him. His brother Wenlie (Ti Lung) is an underdog thai boxer, who is being pressured by fixers to sign up or else face Cannon, a devastating Thai boxing champion. The movie has a decent plot, lots of great location and 70's set design, as well as a cool Rocky-esque battle between Wenlie and Cannon. Its the subpar and rushed final battle that pits hordes of generic enemies versus the two newfound brothers, and the final battle between Qiangren is rather short. The movie is still decent, albeit uneven.
January 3, 2015
Wow I wasn't expecting to find this one in here. Movie actually came out in 1971. As usual the trio of David Chiang and Ti Lung working under Chang Cheh's direction does not disappoint. We even get the era's hardest working actor Ku Feng, who often plays a great villain but this is the first time I've truly seen him play "the muscle." There are some story and editing problems but the movie and action are still great. There's even some unintentional hilarity, including a few extremely questionable fashion choices (especially in the final scene), even for 1971! Also, the way action works, Ti Lung is usually taking on someone one on one while David Chiang fights a group of 20 men at once. Chiang will then show off his kung fu skills and scare his opponents so much they just run away. This happens a few times but never gets old.
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