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Dumb and Dumber To Quotes

  • Harry Dunne: Boy, I sure wish I could have been there when she was little.
    Lloyd Christmas: Whatever. That's all water under the fridge now, Har. Think of the bright side. You're finally getting to meet her, and you never had to change those poopy diapers.
    Harry Dunne: That's called being a parent, Lloyd. Besides, I changed your poopy diapers for 20 years.
    Lloyd Christmas: I totally sucked you in. Half the time, it wasn't even my poop.

  • Harry Dunne: This is my associate, Dr. Christmas.
    Dr. Meldmann: Christmas, as in the holiday?
    Lloyd Christmas: No, as in the tree.

  • Harry Dunne: Harry Dunne: Whoa, Lloyd. Check out the hotties at 12 o'clock.
    Lloyd Christmas: Lloyd Christmas: That's three hours away. Why can't I check 'em out now?

  • Harry Dunne: You're hot for my daughter!
    Lloyd Christmas: What?
    Harry Dunne: Am I right?
    Lloyd Christmas: That's insane!

  • Lloyd Christmas: Got ya!

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