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August 24, 2009
Must have this for my collection! Omg I just jumped ship, wooot!!
½ August 20, 2009
quite a good film actually
July 28, 2009
why do people think this is a classic. bored and was wanting some water and oxygen!!!
July 14, 2009
There's no version of Dune that I would be interested in.. let's put it that way.
July 12, 2009
Its the only Si-Fi movie I actually liked.
July 2, 2009
give me the origanel but this 1 not bad
½ June 23, 2009
This movie sucked it was so bad I turned it off have way through the origanal is still the best
June 13, 2009
Much better than Lynch's
½ May 27, 2009
I like this one better then the david lynch film.
May 20, 2009
Bizarre costumes not withstanding this was the ultimate cinematic manifestation of Frank Herbert'sbooks....LOVED this one and Children of Dune....When I can find them I will purchase them to add to my permanent collection....
May 6, 2009
A few things I thought were unnecesarily wierd, but definitely a more faithful adaptation than the 80's film. Decent casting, and I also loved the music.
½ April 28, 2009
Esta miniserie inspirada en la famosa novela de ciencia ficcion es aburrida y mal actuada. Me quedo con el trabajo de David Lynch, que aunque todos odian, yo adoro. Solo para "geeks and freaks".
April 17, 2009
I was really surprised with this movie, but it was really good. Its a great story filled with all kinds of creatures and characters that really draw you in. If you get a chance too you should see this movie, its great.
½ April 6, 2009
still pretty good but pales in comparison to the mighty Lynch, studio interference or not
March 6, 2009
A very in-depth and pretty loyal to the story three part series following Paul Atreides and his adventures on the planet Arrakis, home of the valuable spice over which various factions are in endless battle. It's really nothing on Lynch's feature length of which I'm a big fan, but it's still a solid watch for any lover of Dune. It's not really fair to complain that it's not enough like the book or whatever- I mean, there have been all the books, the various TV adaptations, the Lynch film, and five or so computer games...of course they can't all be identical, the whole point is that they all have different appeals. This series is good fun, it suffers from not delving deep enough into the characters, and dragging a few scenes out way too long, but if you love Dune, you shouldn't be able to hate this...
December 14, 2008
Extraordinarily dull. I watched all six hours and I still have no idea what it's about
October 16, 2008
Well, it's ok - but I still prefer the whackier look of the David Lynch film, sorry!
½ October 9, 2008
A decent adaptation of the Dune franchise, I feel it could have been done better at a cinamatic level. The lighting is a little over the top and some of the actors are a bit stiff (Stilgar & Emperor Shaddam, for example), but it's still a hell of a lot better than the crappy one done in '83.
½ September 10, 2008
I havent read the book. But this movie just dragged on way to long
½ August 16, 2008
Nice effort, but too many failings. Admittedly, it expresses the plot better than the 1984 film, but it *feels* all wrong. Bad effects, poor visual design, terrible casting ... the list goes on. (Not to insult the actors, mind you -- they were just miscast for their roles.) Do yourself a favor and skip this one, read the book, then watch the 1984 film.

(Last seen pre-Flixter, and my memory is terrible. Rating is an estimate only.)
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