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½ May 1, 2014
Directed by Tony Gilroy, (Michael Clayton (2007) and The Bourne Legacy (2012)), this is a bubbly spy comedy caper which has a good plot, but there's too many twists and turns to keep up with. That unfortunately keeps it from being compelling, however if it has been told in a linear fashion over it's complex juxtaposed form, it wouldn't have been as entertaining. But it does have a good cast to it's name. This tells the story of MI6 agent turned corporate spy Ray Koval (Clive Owen) and CIA Agent Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts), who have crossed each others paths at various times over a 5 year period, beginning in Dubai when Claire stole classified documents from Ray. Since then, Ray now works for Dick Garsik (Paul Giamatti) at Equikrom, while Claire does work for Burkett & Randle, ran by Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson), and both companies are planning to steal chemical formulas off one another. But, we learn that Ray and Claire have a past and they've been planning to con both bosses, and make a massive deal that'll set them both up for life. While Roberts and Owen have fun playing spies who lie for a living, that backfires when it comes to the finished product of the film. It could have been made less complicated and still made sense, but the flashback and flashforwards do work against it. But it's not all that bad, but it could have been better if it was simpler.
March 27, 2014
Who do you trust? Good film, a bit confusing as was never sure if Julia Roberts was serious or playing. Wasn't fussed on the ending either but overall an enjoyable movie
½ March 24, 2014
"What I got to say about "Duplicity" is that is a stupid and boring." The performances in this movie are distasteful. The directing and screenplay by Tony Gilroy is extremely awful and dreadful.The screenplay is so confusing that you won't have no interest what's going on in the movie. For my opinion, "there's no screenplay understand base on what going on. It will completely leave you hanging on what the story line really is." The score is good. "I'm raving that "Duplicity" is horrible movie that is not a must see!"
February 14, 2014
really good movie =D
February 8, 2014
loks okay, maybe i will see it!
November 29, 2013
Duplicity is smart and stylish but it dragged out and i'm not a fan of the cast all that much, even if they mostly were all very good. I think this is probably better on a second viewing but i'm not willing to go through it all again. The twist is nice though, but annoying when you're sat next to people exclaiming the whole movie is shit the entire way through.
½ November 2, 2013
An enjoyable post cold war era spy film, but this time it's industrial intelligence as two powerful multi-national companies are pitted against one another. A caper film, and a romance for a cynical age, this is full of quite a few twists and a satisfactory resolution.
½ October 19, 2013
An over-convoluted and complicated to follow spy/thriller/rom-com about two inside espionage agents with a history together.
The movie takes many twists and turns with you wondering who is double crossing who but the finale is a bit of a letdown. Also, the mixing of genres often had me confused and it took me a long time to understand what the hell was going on.
Despite the confusion, the acting was good, especially from Clive Owen who exudes charisma with all his performances. I'm not such a fan of Julia Roberts and her fucking teeth though, but she wasn't too bad in this.
A little bit of a disappointment, but not a bad movie.
½ October 7, 2013
A twisting and turning plot that might have been too twisted for the masses.

Fortunately for me, the chemistry between Clive Owen and Julia Roberts more than make up for it.

Duplicity tells the story of two ex-government spies who end working for private companies. The interesting part of duplicity is supposed to be the fact that these two companies will go to great lengths to get information from each other in order to produce a product first.

I'm sure stuff like this goes on every day in real life.

I don't think it's really entirely necessary to understand the plot to enjoy the film. I'm sure most people would disagree and that's why it was so poorly received by most audiences.

I think Duplicity is at least worth a rent. Just be ready to pay attention.
October 6, 2013
Julia Roberts is so hot!
½ September 14, 2013
I can wait until it comes out on DVD, though, so I can see it for free.
August 28, 2013
I would give a summary about this movie but there is no plot it just goes absolutely nowhere and leaves you confused about what is going on. In no way does it explain what it's about or what's going on you just keep scratching your head and wondering what is going on. It's too bad because there are some talented actors in here. Big waste of talent from Julia Roberts and Paul Giamatti. Clive Owen is so arrogant and full of himself and walks around like he's gods gift to women it is completely annoying. I know he's acting but it gets to be too much. This movie is a complete waste of time. It's completely confusing and after your done you ask yourself "what the hell did I just watch". Big waste of talent and your time. The best part of it was when it was over.
August 1, 2013
It was actually quite difficult to keep up with what was going on in Duplicity. It jumped way too much in time that in the end you just didn't know the chronological order of what was happening in the movie. This made it difficult to comprehend the main storyline since all you really did when watching it was trying to figure out the movie's timeline.
The movie also felt a bit too long and it always felt like it was about to end when it wasn't. The acting wasn't that great either and overall this just wasn't one of the better spy/agent movies out there. It was rather below average and the time changes definitely made so you couldn't enjoy it and you never really got into it the way that you would have hoped with a movie like this.
½ July 30, 2013
Fun while surprisingly smart & complex. A spy movie where the weapons are words & rhetoric rather than guns & knives.
July 24, 2013
An academic spy movie. Dry and boring.
½ July 24, 2013
Given the film's potential for glamour, sex and suspense, there's no reason for it to be such a drag.
July 17, 2013
Too many plot twists, just too many.
July 1, 2013
I liked the concept behind the story, and I love the Roberts (always been a fan and always will be regardless of the many who put her down) and Owen chemistry. Not so thrilled with the artsy quarter screens, too frequent flashbacks telling the story, and the lengthiness of the movie. Giamatti is great here as usual. Nice twist at the end. Decent caper movie which deserved to be much better.
May 27, 2013
Good chemistry but a little slow. There were a few twists that should have happened that didn't and the ending, though good, was strangely unsatisfying. Worth a rental, not a ticket. Giamatti is hilarious but really chews the scenery. Based on his performance, I would say Clive Owens actually could have been a good Bond (minus the body, which is not even close to Daniel Craig's).
½ May 17, 2013
I was bored to death with the movie and the acting.
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