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½ July 13, 2011
Dushman is a violent & disturbing thriller ever made. Ms Tanuja Chandra made a sensational film which is still remembered for it's thrilling plot and brilliant performance. KAJOL plays identical twins Naina and Sonia, both are polarly different but still love each other. One day Sonia is brutally raped and murdered by ferocious serial killer Gopal (ASHUTOSH RANA) leading to family's devastation. So in order to take revenge and give justice to her deceased sister, Naina takes up martial arts to overcome her fear and to take on Gopal.
Dushman is a faithful remake of Sally Field starrer ''An Eye for an Eye'', the only difference is that in English, daughter becomes the victim while in Hindi it is the identical twin sister. Also, Dushman is made in bollywood style . But still Dushman is a food which is very hard to digest due to it's brutal and shocking scenes including Sonia's rape scene which creates lump in your throat, however the film has the best strength of unpredictability, although you know Kajol will end up taking revenge but they way she chooses to do so is interesting and creates thrill. The movie is smartly written and kuddos to TANUJA CHANDRAN for handling such scary subject with such dexterity.
The Music is hummable and is used in needed sequence. However, it is the performance which makes the film an engaging watch. KAJOL is breathe of fresh air, she slips effortlessly in the role of both distinct personality of sister.SANJAY DUTT & JAS ARORA does a decent job but one thing I have to say JAS ARORA has a undeniable screen presence. As a result, it is ASHUTOSH RANA, who is the show-stealer as the dangerous serial-killer GOPAL, His performance will go down as the best in many years. His eye's is enough to create fear in our mind and when he performs, he is just simply outstanding!
June 13, 2008
Gud actin by Karjol Mukherjee.........
February 2, 2008
Good story, powerful acting...but a little overdramatic
December 19, 2007
good. it was different
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