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March 21, 2018
"Planes, Trains and Automobiles", except nothing funny happens and you hate everyone.
December 21, 2017
Seriously this movie has so many laugh out loud moments. Doyle's character is great!
June 18, 2017
Hughes, a man more prolific than Stephen King and less inspired than Aaron Spelling, has produced yet another forgettable project.
December 17, 2016
Ed O Neil stars in the John Hughes written comedy Dutch. Ed O Neil is Dutch Dooley, a working-class man that is dating a woman who used to be with a multi-millionaire. Because of this, the son Doyle (Ethan Embry) is a spoiled rich kid that feels entitles and lashes out at all of those who oppose him. His wealthy dad (Christopher MacDonald) does not make things better as he almost seems to encourage this type of activity. Dutch makes a deal with the mother (JoBeth Williams) that he will go across America and bring him home for the holidays.

Dutch makes an effort to bond with the boy, only to find that he is constantly challenging him for control. The two are at a battle of wits, as Dutch is trying to bond with the boy who hates him for being a middle class individual who is not a millionaire like his father. The movie then transitions to a planes, trains and automobiles like film as they go through various plans to try and get home. This includes hitchhiking, being robbed by call girls, and being passed for homeless grifters.

Dutch is a good enough comedy for its time. It is not as classic as some of John Hughes other films, but stands on its own in some regards. Like most of Hughes films, he is able to create a scene that truly gives that makes the movie endearing. This occurs when Dutch and Doyle are at a homeless shelter, and they experience the side of lives of those who truly need help. They come to realize that there is more to life than their petty squabbles. Dutch does not deliver in some of the comedic level or have as many good lines as Home Alone, Planes Trains and Automobiles and other comedies, but it is worth watching for anyone who is a fan of Ed O Neil or John Hughes films.

½ November 18, 2016
First off, I'm a huge Married With Children fan and so, I love the Al Bundy character. Dutch meets this punk/spoiled kid who disrespects his friends & family and he has to bring him home for Thanksgiving. They hate each other and through all the things that happen along their trip, they end up respecting and liking each other. In the end, Dutch is the dad figure this little punk needed. The acting was good and Dutch is very Al Bundyish and I loved it! Check out this 90s movie if you haven't seen it yet.
I would rate it 7/10 OR 3.5/5
½ August 19, 2016
It's far better than the abysmal Curly Sue which Hughes put out the same year; mostly thanks to Ed O'neil as the titular character. It means well but it's hard to ignore the mix of recycled Hughes plots and the gimmicky, post-Home Alone attempt at slapstick.
May 12, 2016
Nous sommes en 1991. John Hughes n'a plus aucune idée novatrice et pourtant ses scénarios continuent à se produire à une vitesse alarmante. Ici, Dutch est un mélange entre Planes, Trains & Automobiles et de Denis la Malice sans aucune originalité. Ed O'Neill et Ethan Embry ont un semblant d'alchimie ensemble qui sauve parfois l'ensemble de l'ennui, mais il faut surtout attendre les sporadiques apparitions de Christopher McDonald en snobinard pour voir vraiment le film s'illuminer. Dutch possède son message de tolérance habituel chez Hughes, délivré à la truelle et des dialogues souvent agaçants, que Peter Faiman ne parvient pas à transcender avec une mise en scène anémique. Dutch ne mérite donc que l'oubli dans lequel il est tombé.
January 2, 2016
Decent nostalgic 90s movie.
November 30, 2015
Dutch is the epitome of every John Hughes film, with similar elements and even some familiar storylines from previous films. That leads us to the fact that Dutch is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles meets Home Alone, with a forced chemistry between the two main actors.
Working class man Dutch Dooley is in charge of bringing his girlfriend's son Doyle home from boarding school for Thanksgiving, hoping to bond with him over time and change his preppy and hateful attitude towards nearly everyone except his father. Mischief and slapstick ensues where Dutch and Doyle try to outdo each other and fall for down on their luck traps.
Dutch seemed primarily like an excuse to get a well liked comedic TV actor into a Home Alone like plot - after all, in 1991 Home Alone and Married with Children dominated their respective entertainment platforms. Dutch, however, is far from Al Bundy - the chemistry between Dutch and Doyle is flat and feels incredibly forced, rivalling that of a familiar John Candy and Steve Martin buddy comedy schtick. It attempts to remain sweet yet real in Doyle's divorced parenting emotions and the various troubles Dutch and Doyle encounter on their way home but cannot rival that of Home Alone's sweetness aspect. There were various scenes I did enjoy and Ed O'Neil's character is likable and relatable, but Dutch falls short in its goals to make some box office dough in simply repeating what audiences loved the first time.
November 29, 2015
It may not be the world's finest comedy about a road trip with a miss-matched duo but it's gets the job done and will be a Thanksgiving classic to some. Ed O'Neill is the shining star of the flick sadly though Ethan Embry you want to strangle the whole time.
September 9, 2015
awesome movie, had me peeing my pants.:
½ August 19, 2015
I hadn't watched this movie in many years but there's still plenty of laughs to be found in this underrated gem. Ed O'Neill is the true draw but John Hughes' script provides some great opportunities for him to shine. I still nearly peed my pants laughing during the scene where Dottie from Pee Wee's Big Adventure (here playing a prostitute) accidentally squirts lotion into Bundy's mouth while trying to steal his pinkie ring. It's absolutely priceless. The end of the movie sort of falls into schmaltzy territory but overall still a great early '90s comedy.
July 17, 2015
Easily a classic. I love this movie.
July 2, 2015
Highly underrated John Hughes movie. Go watch it!
June 4, 2015
You get what you came for, a story of a child and a parent figure bonding, but there's very little laughter.
April 1, 2015
Yet another movie where the audience response seems to be drastically different from the "critic" response. I've always thought this movie was way underrated. One of my favorites from my childhood. I queue it up every now and then when I'm feeling nostalgic but it's a movie that I still genuinely enjoy. Every scene is a classic scene in my opinion. (most notably, for me, the fireworks scene) Ed O'Neill really nailed it with his role as the working class Dutch Dooley. Ethan Embry, too, shows his surprising acting chops at a young age. I think this was a great coming of age/enemies becoming friends story. One of John Hughes best works. A classic.
April 1, 2015
Should have been a 30 minute short because that;s all the interest in this film lasts.
½ January 22, 2015
This is a quite lesser-known John Hughes movie. And in a lot of ways, it's just a rehash of better movies of his-think Home Alone meets Planes Trains and Automobiles meets Uncle Buck. I wish I'd seen it when I was a kid, but unfortunately I only heard of its existence a couple years ago. It still resonated with me as an adult though. The dumb, lazy slapstick towards the beginning might make you want to turn it off, but stick with it. There are some genuinely funny and deeply touching moments throughout, once you get over that first hump. And Ed O'Neill is, of course, pitch-perfect. As is typical of Hughes, the emotions are heavily manipulated and the scenes pander to the audience, but the performances lift them above the cliché and the emotions seem earned. The journey along the road provides some excellent scenery, as they pass through the Southern mountains and make their way to the upper Midwest, showcasing scenery that Hollywood often ignores. The film is uneven in parts, but the characters are enjoyable enough to forgive this. In the end, Dutch is a movie that was somewhat ignored in its time; just another John Hughes film, with the same gags. This is probably due to the less than stellar marketing, which tried to make O'Neil's Dutch look more like Al Bundy. It's a shame, as the film deserved better. The film provides quite a few moments of fun and pathos for audiences who appreciate sophisticated family fare.

VERDICT: "In The Zone" - [Mixed Reaction] These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own. If you consider cinema, ask for people's opinion on the film. (Films that are rated 2.5 or 3 stars)
½ November 30, 2014
Our annual Thanksgiving movie. Grwat for the whole family.
½ November 19, 2014
Al Bundy and a very young Ethan Embry...what's not to like? What if I add a touch of E.G. Daily as a hooker and a small role by an extremely young Will Estes? No? Well, piss off then, I liked it!
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