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The evil Silver Fox is back and he must search for a secret message that was put on a young man who was supposedly killed with his father by Silver Fox's bandits. Years later, the young man returns to avenge his father's death by facing off against the high-kicking Silver Fox.
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There’s usually a pre-requisite to being dubbed the “Silver Fox” in Kung Fu theater. Not only must you be evil… or naughty, but you must master your Kung Fu to the point where one opponent isn’t enough to take you on. Then if one man is dumb enough to go at you solo, you toy with him endlessly before dangling his life before your eyes and then taking it. Hwang Jang Lee’s version of the villain is no different albeit younger than your standard Silver Fox. The Silver Fox is stealing “secret messages” from the Shaolin monks in order to revive his fallen Manchu empire. In doing this he happens to kill two important men whose survivors have sworn revenge against him. One of these survivors is saved by a dying monk who teaches him a deadly version of the Eagle Claw technique. When the two strangers meet, they realize that not only do they share the destiny of revenging the Silver Fox but also that they are betrothed and forever bound by destiny. Horrible dubbing and annoying voices plague Eagle vs Silver Fox, but this is not to say that the Kung Fu and the story wasn’t good. I started off wondering if this was going to end up on my crap list but then the kung fu slowed down and the story started to present itself. The main actor and actress have a beautiful chemistry and their acting is actually pretty damn good. Add in the comedy of the Silver Fox’s cockiness and you have quite a movie in this one. However I cannot put the weight of the acting and story over the crappy sets and horrible, horrible picture and dubbing so I would say watch it only if you are a die-hard. New folks to Kung Fu Theater may want to wade through some stronger titles before taking this one on. www.SpicyMovieDogs.com

Gregory Dyer
Gregory Dyer

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