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July 21, 2014
It's sad, but I discovered it on UniMás. Whenever a movie's filmed in Eastern Europe, you're gonna be in for a doozy.
October 12, 2012
While this film is slightly better than say, Nature Unleashed: Avalanche, unfortunately this entry of the series is also a bore. It has decent effects for a low-budget disaster flick and has a few interesting action scenes, but unfortunately there is not nearly enough action, and this film becomes boring since it tries to have drama involving family issues. It's better than expected, but it's still not good.
February 1, 2012
This movie was actually a good deal better than I expected it to be. The plot was entertaining, the acting was OK but not all that great. The rescue scene was a little far fetched, the special effects, although fairly low budget, were good compared to a lot of movies of it's class. All around OK film, I'd recommend it to anyone who has time to pass and nothing better to watch.
½ January 4, 2010
diffrent kind of movie when ca, ny, or Vegas does not get destroyed..why a foreign country I have no idea but it was decent
July 15, 2009
Another disaster movie that puts the Americans in the best possible light while the local Russians are either evil, clueless, cowardly or are slaves to their American masters. At least the setting for this movie was in Russia and not in an American backyard like most disaster movies.
So the American mother/nuclear scientist comes up with the brilliant idea that averts a nuclear meltdown. Meanwhile the American father and son risk their lives to save the American daughter who courageously attempts to save her Russian teacher.
In the end all the Americans are safe and the cliches fly inducing a gag reflex for whoever is watching. Everybody is happy while conveniently overlooking the fact that many Russians had probably died.
I guess if you are American you are chanting USA! USA! For the rest of the world BARF!!!
April 14, 2009
I own it, so I might as well see it once.
December 26, 2008
Thjis movie sucked hardcore!!!!!!
½ September 2, 2008
so pathetic it's funny.
July 26, 2008
This movie sucked alot!!!!the plot was stupid and the effects were dumb.And even the scenes from diffrent movies.The freeway scene and train scene.Those were like the good effects lol.How many movie scenes are here anawys?
July 7, 2008
This movie really sucks!!!!!What is wrong with the director why did he dare get scenes from Dante's Peak and the train scene.Why couldn't the director do this movie good?And at first i thought it was a remake of Earthquake 1974 that one was better.
March 27, 2008
this movie sucked really hard.....this movie had the poorest dialougue.....the poorest effects...''i'm not kidding when i saw this movie at school(unfortunately) i thought it was made on the 90's but whe i saw it was made on 2005 ujummm....hehe man this movie SUCKED! HARD!
July 22, 2007
April 8, 2007
I havent see this film!
March 10, 2007
it's comin on SciFi next
November 6, 2006
natural disasters aren't really my thing...they have to be really really good
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