Easier with Practice Reviews

February 28, 2014
...an erratic yet rewarding little indie.
January 18, 2011
What could have been a film that exploits a potentially salacious premise for artificially comedic or edgy effect, feels instead like an honest and truthful dissection of the sometimes-strange way modern relationships can work.
December 8, 2010
Based on a men's mag article, Kyle Patrick Alvarez's debut feature is an honest, funny-sad portrayal of emotional dysfunction.
December 2, 2010
The film is a slow-burner: a study in loneliness and alienation, whose unexpected ending and ambiguous aftermath require us to reassess all that has gone before.
December 2, 2010
It is a cool, funny, mischievous movie, with a stand-out, even break-out, performance from Geraghty...
December 2, 2010
Kyle Patrick Alvarez's movie stands out as one the year's as-yet-undiscovered gems.
December 2, 2010
An engaging and moving tale.
Top Critic
December 1, 2010
There's no doubting Alvarez's promise, as he weaves familiar indie elements into a film that is likeable, insightful and compelling.
November 29, 2010
Excellent American indie that tugs hard on the heartstrings.
November 29, 2010
What might sound like the set-up for a particularly bawdy Judd Apatow comedy is actually a deceptively sweet tale of twenty-first century alienation.
April 6, 2010
The genre of road-trip-leading-to-self-discovery now has another masterpiece in its cinematic vault.
March 25, 2010
If you give Geraghty some time, and you give Alvarez some time, you can see that they're getting at something by letting it play out.
March 11, 2010
Do not have a relationship over the phone unless you know the person at the other end. You never do
March 11, 2010
Davy's experience never plays out precisely as you would expect and I, for one, guessed wrong just about every time right up to the poignant, perfectly-acted finale that does provide some closure while opening up a whole new set of life questions.
March 11, 2010
Easier With Practice is such an assured, solid and just plain good film, it's going to be a tough act to follow.
March 11, 2010
For any film, let alone a debut, to address difficult subjects with this much insight, humor, and humanity is almost miraculous.
March 11, 2010
An unexpectedly stirring first feature by Kyle Patrick Alvarez about the challenges of making human connections in the weird and wired 21st century.
March 11, 2010
Amusingly predicated on the romantic possibilities of phone sex, Easier With Practice pushes past its titillating premise to become a quietly provocative love story about emotionally stunted manhood and the risks some guys will take to connect.
February 27, 2010
Endearing and wise with a captivating and emotionally raw, brave and honest performance by Brian Geraghty. It's one of the most refreshing, heartfelt and unforgettable American films of the year.
February 26, 2010
Geraghty relies too heavily on facial expressions and mannerisms, but those who appreciate visible effort may be seduced.