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½ May 28, 2009
[font=Century Gothic]When a director introduces his movie by inviting the audience to "turn on, tune in and drop out," you know it's going to be one of those nights. And Michelange Quay, director of his of debut feature "Eat, for This is My Body," does not disappoint. With the movie, he plays with the concept of time and space, favoring languorous panning shots for the interior of a mansion where he has slowed time down to a crawl, effectively creating an oppressive atmosphere within. Meanwhile, outside in the rest of Haiti, the country suffers from vast poverty but is bustling nonetheless. Inside, Madame(Sylvie Testud) lives with her ancient mother(Catherine Samie) who is simply wasting away. Very, very little is spoken, and the house is encased in shadows. Despite the ornate furnishings, they have nothing to feed a group of boys who visit but they eventually have cake. The other eating scene in the movie consists of Madame eating dinner on stage in front of a rapt audience.[/font]
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[font=Century Gothic]And on that note, I will be out of town visiting relatives for a few days and will return to these pages on Monday, June 1.[/font]
November 30, 2008
Difficile de résumer ce film. Poétique et captivant, la découverte d'Haïti se fait de l'intérieure. Le réalisateur ne nous livre que peu de repères pour nous guider. Mais le résultat est là: on repart avec le film en tête.
November 21, 2008

This one is a really really interesting film I've seen in World Film Festival of Bangkok this year. It's not just an experimental which wants to experiments something and left audiences behind. This one is about colonialism and post-colonialism by a Haitian director who's talking about France !!

This film is a political as well, but in a surrealistic way. Every scenes are meaningful and very sharp in its message, I mean really 'every' scene since the beautiful and wide opening of Haitian island til the death of the Frenchwoman by the sea at the end.

The 'Mange' scene, 'Merci' scene, 'Cake' scene, 'DJ' scene, 'Sex' scene (in a realllllly surreal way between a black guy and a white girl), all of them made me still think and think about this one.
½ August 3, 2008
Appalling and I only stayed for the first hour - it's been a while since I walked out of a movie but this left me cold. Pretentious rubbish that gives arthouse a bad name, the "Merci" scene nearly had me screaming for release.
½ June 10, 2008
Experimental film... but very experimental

I resisted to get out of the film for the third time in my life. I assisted to a special projection with the director present, and i really do not understand what he was thinking when developing the project
"una mega fumada"
½ April 7, 2008
Michelange Quay, renowed as displaying the abstrative ideology. This movie shows the narratives of slavery, liberation, recolonization. I do impressed by the experinmental and kind of psychedelic power flowing between black and white.
March 20, 2008
Nice pictures and colours and also nice sounds, kind of relaxing to watch, but still I wonder what is it about? Read somewhere about postcolonial guilt... hmmm... think I need to update myself on the history of Haiti to better understand this one...
March 19, 2008
my hkiff list: 1/10
this is from the category of "the avant garde" @hkiff
lots of non-narrative images and i think lots of symbolism which i dont reli get much......
February 7, 2008
I can't stop thinking about this movie. I really hope it gets a dvd release so I can pore over it. And so I can torture Paul some more.
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