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January 3, 2016
A travel log and self help book mishmash-ed into a movie with a relatively weak plot and characters outside from the general idea of a movie where someone who is unsatisfied with the routine of what should be a happy life and decides to do something about it and change her life. I got a real travel bug from this movie, so that was well done.
January 1, 2016
I read the book then I watched the movie and the movie was good but perhaps the book was better
October 27, 2015
Gotta love Andy ...he always seems to put on the right movies for me to watch when I come in ...this one I needed to watch again
½ September 23, 2015
Sunday movie on the couch !!
September 19, 2015
love love love this movie
September 5, 2015
Not having read the book I thought this was a nice little romantic drama with a fine performance by Roberts and beautiful romantic locations,,,,what's the gripe.
August 5, 2015
Julia Roberts finds you don't need a man - to find you really need a man. Ridiculous.
½ July 22, 2015
A story about an idiot eating praying and loving. A new low for the horse face actress.
½ June 19, 2015
When I first watched this movie, it seemed so pale in comparison to the book which struck such a deep chord with me and is one of my all time favourites. Surprisingly though, the more I watch this film the more I fall in love with it and it has become one of my favourites as well.
June 8, 2015
Really not worth seeing.
April 25, 2015
A visually pleasant and heartwarming movie about the true meaning of life. Actress Julia Robert gives a wonderful performance through her laughs and tears.
March 22, 2015
Overlong and fairly boring. The only saving grace to this movie is the charisma of Julia Roberts. This character, on a spiritual journey to find herself, is dull and easily led astray. Was glad when it was finally over.
March 1, 2015
Very interesting plot and good acting - enough to spend a couple of pleasant hours
February 17, 2015
Although I saw the movie from the middle of it but I really liked the idea. Very spiritual :)
February 11, 2015
I felt like I was trapped with a bratty, spoiled woman of privilege who wouldn't stop whining about how her life wasn't perfect enough for her- this woman went through more men than lattes in this almost three hour long slog
February 2, 2015
interesting but in the deep way sort of lame
½ January 22, 2015
good starting to the holiday
January 3, 2015
"The rule of Quest Physics goes something like this: If you're brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting, which can be anything from your house to bitter, old resentments, and set out on a truth-seeking journey, either externally or internally, and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher and if you are prepared, most of all, to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself, then the truth will not be withheld from you."
½ January 1, 2015
Tylsähkö leffa, mutta olihan tässä sentään silmänruokaa upeiden maisemien ja komeiden miehien muodossa. ;) (Suom. Eat Pray Love - omaa tietä etsimässä)
½ December 28, 2014
The best part of this movie was the song used for the trailer- Dog days are over by Florence + the machine- This movie was truly boring and ridiculous. Real people don't live like that. You don't just run away and Voila! your problems are solved. Finding yourself is cute for a while- that is till your rent is due and you're confronted with a myriad of concrete issues. Welcome to the uninteresting journey called real life and adulthood where prayer, love and food may not solve all problems.
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