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½ October 24, 2015
I know it sounds funny, but I expected more from this. The movie is about a murderer on the run who finds a place in South Africa and works there as a chef in a restourant. One day as he was buying some pig with his boss from one of the African tribes he, well, rapes a woman and gets ebola. Apparentely, he's one in ten million who have ebola, but are not affected by it, meaning he is a carrier of the syndrome. What follows is some really disgusting, messed up stuff followed by some more disgusting and messed up stuff. Which I don't mind, but it's not done very well in this movie. There's a comedic tone over the whole film and makes the movie look even more ridiculous. The acting is okay, but the voices are weird. I don't know which version I watched, but it seemed to be dubbed, but it was still in Chinese, so I'm confused. Anyways, the story seemed interesting, but the execution was bad. I can't say much more about this film. It's not really good, but makes for an interesting watch.
January 9, 2015
A film for connoisseur's of the sick and twisted!
December 19, 2014
Sick and gross movie but the unrated version will have slight more scenes. Featuring sex, nudity as well.
Anthony Wong have sex with a woman. Her hubby Shing Fui On return home and catch them red handed. Shing beat him up and gonna castrate him. Anthony volunteer to do it himself and then take the scissors to fight back. He killed 3 adults and then try to burn the little girl but another man came in so he ran off and whereabouts unknown. 1996 in South Africa, Anthony works in a restaurant under Lo Meng. The boss wife Cheng Lu dislike Anthony. The little girl grows up becoming an air stewerdess Wong Tsui-ling. Anthony want to pay for blonde prostitute but the people there discrimnate against Asian. Anthony is masturbating and hear the boss have sex next door. He cut a piece of meat in between to act as pussy and use it to masturbate. He put the meat back after the deed. Next day he serve it to customers. Lo switch to buying pig from black tribal people. When they arrive, they saw the tribe performing ritual to a bunch of dying people. After buying the pigs, Anthony had a small accident banging into a tree. Lo scold him stupid and Anthony walks away. He saw a tribal woman by the river suddenly fainted. He sees nobody around and attracted by her big breast, he rape her. His dick is stuck when she is convulsion and use a rock to kill her. Back to work, Anthony cut his finger and still serve tainted food. He later had fever and fainted. Lo cannot send him to hospital since he is illegal immigrant and wanted criminal. Cheng don't want Lo to touch Anthony. The doctor found out the tribe they visited has Ebola virus outbreak. Cheng want to throw Anthony out but he recover from the fever and heard what she said. He want to rape her and Lo came back. Anthony kills him and rape Cheng, suck out her eyeball and kills her. Another worker came and Anthony also kill him. He dissect the corpses, make into meat patties and sell as burger. He found the secret stash of money hidden by Lo. Wong want to go back to the restaurant to check the smell and her boyfriend follow. When Anthony go near her she feel nauseas. They ask Anthony of the person whereabouts. He arm himself with a knife and wasn't going to let them go off but luckily 2 customers came in and they quickly leave. The duo go to the police but is dismiss as outrageous. Soon lots of people are struck with the Ebola virus. Anthony left the place with the money back to HK. He stay in a hotel and then call for 2 whores. He fuck them raw and paid alot. Soon the 2 whores also get the Ebola virus. Vincent Wan is investigating the case. He found a matchbox of the hotel. The South Africa police is also investigating and share info with HK side. Wong is also call in to provide info. Anthony find his ex-girlfriend Mariane Chan. They go out shopping with her daughter. More people came in contact with Anthony caught the virus. Wong saw Anthony and follow him but is caught. She bite his arm and he release her. Vincent question the druggie husband of Mariane. The news reported Anthony as Ebola carrier. Mariane pretend she don't believe it and then lock him in the house. He climb out the window and the cops arrive. He caught her daughter as hostage. Mariane go into convulsion in front of him. Vincent shot him in the arm and makes him angry. He suck the blood and spit at Vincent and cut his protective suit. He has already strangle the little girl to death. A police shot him with a dart and Anthony cut out the part. Vincent fight it out with him and use flame gun to burn him and shoot him dead. A dog eat the cut flesh and share the food with the owner.. the virus will never stop spreading.
½ October 13, 2014
The definition of bad taste is now a cult gem. Ebola Syndrome stars Anthonny Wong Chau-Sang as a selfish serial rapist/killer who flees to Africa after committing murder where he does more of the same, but unknown to him one of the victims is a carrier of the Ebola virus. He becomes a host for the virus while working in a restaurant. What can go wrong from there? The film is pretty awesome, but it needed to be more sickening and gross out. Yet, I can understand why this a favorite among fans.
½ August 16, 2014
One of the most entertaining silly gross-out horror comedies there is. It is just crazy. We have murder, rape, cannibalism, ebola virus, hilariously bad dialog and the worst criminal ever.

Ebola Syndrome is awesome.
½ October 14, 2013
If you liked Untold Story you'll love this one. Both directed by Herman Yau and starring Anthony Wong - who apparently played in a metal band at some point. Gross-out humor in this gory story of a Hong Kong killer fled to South Africa who contracts Ebola whilst raping a dead little African girl and then spreads it back to Hong Kong.
½ January 28, 2013
I really expected more. It is violent, disgusting, sick, sooo sick. But something is missing. Maybe it is because I watched the censored version, which make me lose a close up of the face of Kai after he eye-gouged his bosses girlfriend. But still, the flix is good and sooo sick.
January 15, 2013
Oh so bad, yet hilariously clumsy and depraved.
Super Reviewer
December 31, 2012
Terrific and demented, fully-served Hong Kong buffet with an entry of sex and gore, a salad of sexual, gross-out humor, a strong dish of sacrificial rituals involving animals accompanied with Ebola-involved rapes, tight vaginas and vomit, and cannibalism, and a desert of child abuse, masturbation with pieces of meat and very funny situations. The appetizers are liquified internal organs and graphic autopsies. To drink, the offer is urolagnia.

Bon appétit.

½ December 24, 2012
The main character played by Anthony Wong was so funny and at the same time scary. Imagine somebody making hamburgers from his boss and the wife's flesh and sell it to other people!
November 25, 2012
From the sadists who brought you "The Untold Story" (1993), "Raped by an Angel" (1993), and "Legendary Couple" (1995) -- that in and of itself should have spelled the permanent grounding of the sun -- "Ebola Syndrome" somehow manages to ratchet-up its predecessors' depravity quotient to the point most of us pray the twain shall never meet again. Yet as indefensible as Chau Ting's script is admittedly this is a somewhat entertaining exercise in so-called shocksploitation that owes its best moments to unintentional humor with over-the-top performances and shoddy artisanship often working in unison to undercut the film's otherwise off-color disposition.
November 23, 2012
This movie is cracked out. Anyone who loves over the top asian films needs to see this one
October 25, 2012
One of the funniest and most horrific horror comedies I've ever seen. Truly a must see.
June 28, 2012
Hilariously shitty. Disgusting. They really go for it. Even having seen Ichi the Killer and such, there were times when I wondered if I can watch this. It's also just terribly made, yet bizarrely entertaining. So it's probably better than some Anthony Wong movies that were way better but just boring like "Slim Till Dead".
½ June 13, 2012
Parte alla grandissima, cala vistosamente nel finale. Peccato, comunque mi sono divertito a guardarlo...
½ April 22, 2012
EBOLA SYNDROME en vf. Un catà (C)gorie III bien crasseux et fendard qui va au bout de son dà (C)lire! Et c'est franchement bien mieux que CONTAGION!
Keiko A. --Samurai--
Super Reviewer
½ October 24, 2011
I have MUCH STRONGER opinions for this (and Dr. Lamb) than i did maybe 15 years ago. But i can't lie it's sick, twisted, wrong, but all out One can't say they didn't enjoy it.
And it makes the perfect Halloween film...

Ah Kai is a wanted convict from China who escapes to South Africa after killing his former boss. He works at a Chinese restaurant and one day travels with his boss to a South African tribe that is infected with the Ebola virus. Kai sees a dying infected tribe member and rapes her, contracting the virus. Kai, however, is immune to the infection.

It's a Funny film with none stop violence and pretty much an Asian remake of Outbreak... Mostly the scene's in Hong Kong mimic the film.

Overall very well acted but directed and it is a must see for horror fans.
February 15, 2011
This film is just wrong on so many levels that I can't even begin to start explaining it... if you love your films very un-PC, highly offensive, completely disgusting, wildly racist, overtly sexist, showing a total disregard for both human and animal life and wildly over the top then this is definately the film for you. If you are in the least bit easily shocked then give this a miss, you really won't enjoy it.

This film has little to no chance of ever being seen in the UK but is well worth hunting down if you love such titles as 'Street Trash', 'Bad Taste' or 'Brain Dead'... although it makes them seem very tame by comparison.

OK, the charachters are a little cardboard and some of the acting is terrible but it's one of those films that is a joy to watch if you love shock cinema, definately one for an evening's drinking & bad movies!!!
April 8, 2010
A killer/rapist gets infected with Ebola and spreads the desease by serving infected meat. This is over the top, misogynistic, perverse, bloody and WRONG cat-3 Chinese exploitation. Mutilation, cannibalism, rape, and much, much more. Not exactly the average sunday afternoon flick for the whole family.
February 21, 2010
Considering this film's reputation, this felt like a bit of a disappointment. I wasn't really sure exactly what to expect from it, but to be honest, it's pretty ridiculous. That doesn't mean to say it's not enjoyable. It's quite clever in places and the overall concept is incredibly disturbing. Worth watching if you're a fan of 'shock' cinema...just don't believe too much of the hype.
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