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December 8, 2014
couldn't get through it! I think it was made by high school students!
½ July 2, 2010
The ending may not be satisfying or answerable but its what is in between that is truly compelling and ultimate art form genius. From venturing into insanity to the parental dilemma, this film is made with love.
September 3, 2008
It seems that the recent trend in danish movies are more psychological ones. "Ekko" has a slight touch of a psychological suspense structure.

Kim Bodnia is Simon, a policeman on the run with his son, Louie. After having lost the custody to his son, he takes a very irrational decision and kidnaps his child and brings him out to a summer house in the danish countryside. His plan is to spend his last days with his son, because he knows what will await him once they are found.

Simons ghosts from the past and childhood haunts him during their stay in the summerhouse, and when the local girl Angelique (my favourite Stine Fischer Christensen) suddenly becomes involved into Simon and Louies world, everything falls apart for Simon.

"Ekko" is nicely shot with some beautiful danish nature environments, Kim Bodnia has his usual strong presence and Stine Fischer Christensen is radiant. But, Peter Stormare does not convince me as danish.......

The story is way too scattered though and the psychological parts are not working. I think they could have toned down the psychological parts to make "Ekko" more solid and less unbalanced. Not shabby, but "Ekko" leaves you a bit unsatisfied.
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