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September 30, 2012
Well...I went to the premier, I felt older and uglier than everyone else there, I had huge expectations due to the Irvine Welsh endorsement of the project, and the knowledge Trainspotting was and is the king of UK indie films , so I was set up for a miserable cold rainy Tuesday evening in South East London and remembering that the last time I walked through the doors of the Ministry of Sound, (use your imagination ÔŽ20 years ago I might add) , added to my fear of another deflated experience at the birth place off Vodka Jellies and Mecca of modern dance music . I took my seat and tucked into the free popcorn. The lights dimmed the film rolled and the music started, my ears pricked and after the 4 beats in a bar huge bass smashed through my eardrums and made my heart beat dance in time with it - I was back in the club on the podium semi naked smiling from ear to ear and chewing my jaw off !!
September 15, 2012
Another insight into the Edinburgh drug culture, this time surrounding Ecstasy. Whilst not a patch on the superior Trainspotting, this is quite interesting none-the-less. Only criticism is that it's set 20 years too late, long after rave culture has been and gone.
September 5, 2012
Loved it. Great Story well told. Amazing soundtrack. Must see
August 26, 2012
Very good drama with great music and beatiful girls ;)
August 25, 2012
sepertinya pengen mengulang kesuksesan Trainspotting, tapi gagal :D
½ August 24, 2012
hey, don't blame the novel for this trash
August 16, 2012
Compared to Trainspotting, nah trainspotting pisses on this. Anyway it is an okay film apart from the many bad edinburgh accents some of the actors/esses are trying.
½ August 10, 2012
Definitely no Trainspotting here.
June 18, 2012
I saw this in Toronto at the North by Northeast (NXNE) festival. It took me back to my university days in England when I attended a few all night raves and witnessed some of the prevalent drug culture that surrounds such events. The cinematography and music was just right and made you feel that you were inside the dance clubs experiencing the atmosphere and excitement. I enjoyed the performances of Adam Sinclair, Carlo Rota and Billy Boyd who all played opposing neurotic characters. The movie highlighted the temporary perceived highs of ecstasy while showing how the reality of life can be a real downer.
April 25, 2012
Brilliant editing and soundtrack, shame the story lacked originality.
½ April 25, 2012
Enjoyed watching it. Not my culture but that was not needed to appreciate a good movie.
½ April 24, 2012
100% pure gobshite. Quite a disappointment.
April 24, 2012
Not quite trainspotting but very good
April 21, 2012
A CRITIC.... is someone who cannot do. A critic is someone lost in the foggy theoretical mists of there own invented sanctity;they are like cocaine addicts who love the smell of their own farts. They are deluded box counters, makers of their own beheld and stuffed shirted pretensions on things they cannot do nor entirely comprehend. Rob Heydons Ecstasy does have cliche, but dont you (critics) get the fact that every generation is made of fxxxing cliches and is therefore built upon each cliche that both supercedes and makes Each New Movement what it is. Mr Heydon was aware of this and the film works very well indeed it remains true to his vision of it as one long sequence of music videos and the message dear twisted friends, is the medium, what can be a more positive message of the love of being fried oot o yer nut almost every day to the sublime exhaltation of pure love.Some of the scenes are similar to the father film (trainspotting) but these, dear bitter twitters-these are Rob Heydons homages to His Senior-Mr Danny Boyle.Adam is great, he has an honest power and conveys the rose tinted worldview ofa young man lost in that spiral of hopeless hope which turns to real hope.Miss Kreuk looks great and that was her job, simple.The film is not meant to be a new this or that, it is a pastiche, a representation, a set of darkly comic and tragic scenes that are a tongue in cheek send up of how most of the rave generation felt.The dance floor scenes are filmed beautifuly and in the scene where they embrace and the other clubbers seem to evaporate like ghosts, we find the heart of the story behind the pastiche and emblematic flag of the now aged generation...Love and the fact that it is still as important to every generation as it always has been.From the summer of love children sporting flowers in their hair and all going to San Franscisco to the gurning sweating crews of 88-94, the film speaks straight from the heart and shoots from the hip with the same message sung by the icons of every era-"ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" "ONE LOVE" It succedes and its buoyant spirit is that of the light at the end of every tunnel and every human dillema. People with tiny minds like shoeboxes can only think in copartmentalised comparisons and they should shut up and stay away, well away, like an old aunty from a weekend house party. Rock on Ecstasy, Rock on!
April 21, 2012
I really enjoyed the Trainspotting movie so was hoping for big things from the next adaptation of an Irvine Welsh novel. I wasn't disappointed at all and think they've done a great job with this one.
It's a love story set in the club/drug scene and manages to strike the right balance between emotion and excitement and the relationships between the characters are truly believable.
The movie has a fantastic soundtrack as well - I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about going!
April 20, 2012
Disappointing xerox attempt at trainspotting and shallow grave
April 19, 2012
I wasn't sure if I would like the movie as I am a huge fan of Welsh's work but it totally blew me away- apparently even Welsh has said that he will never think of Lloyd again without seeing Adam Sinclair. The movie manages to convey a real sense of the brutal underworld involved in the drug culture while unfolding the rather unconventional love story at the same time. Great performances from Sinclair and Kreuk but Billy Boyd simply stole the show for me. Having read the book I think that Hayden and McCafferty eloquently captured the essence of the book and incorporated some really touching emotional scenes with Lloyd and his dying father, adding a slightly softer side to the movie. I'll be going to see this again and again.
April 19, 2012
A "must see" film not only for entertainment value, wondering what is going to happen next, but also a look into Irvine Welsh's world one may not be familiar with. The chemistry amongst the cast, especially between the leads, Adam Sinclair (Lloyd) and Kristin Kreuk (Heather), was heartfelt and real... anyone can relate to one character or another at some point, it truly hit home. Billy Boyd (Woodsy) performs an impromptu array of genius; while Carlo Rota's (Solo) performance can do no wrong, even as the bad guy. Most people who have seen the pre-theater screenings conclude that the cinematography was authentic and breathtaking and draws you in to be a part of the scene. As well, the soundtrack featuring Cold Play, Primal Scream, the Mahones, in addition to the dance music with performances by Tiesto, Orbital and Bedrock, displays perfect timing and are excellent!
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