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½ April 18, 2019
If you like monkeys and baseball then you might enjoy it. Not a great family comedy or great comedy in general but Matt LeBlanc does okay at best in his performance. The plot is stupid and there are better baseball movies such as The Sandlot and Rookie of the Year but there is a few laughs here that kids might enjoy.
January 29, 2018
August 16, 2017
Really it is not that bad and I like this movie. Critics and everyone that does not like it I can understand why. It is really a harmless movie. The villain woman from
Don't tell mom the Babysitter's dead is in it. She was also the mother of an abused child in kindergarten cop. She has been in a lot of critically panned 90s comedies lol. I like all three movies. Jack warden does a good job in this movie as best he can. Joey from friends gets a very easy paycheck for this movie and he does not add much to the movie. The real stars of the movie are the talented actors under the monkey suit. The monkey in the movie fields third base very well as does the actors and they do all the demands of a physical role of playing a monkey. Really amazing work that most fail
To realize. Howard the Duck had the talents of Ed Gale. This movie had the talents of Jay Caputo and Denise Cheshire I think. Well great job to them. This movie I've heard described as a bad baseball
Movie. I feel that is most inaccurate. It's anything but a bad baseball movie. It is not super in depth but it shows some
Baseball scenes and atmosphere and I feel
There are other reasons to criticize the movie. It's certainly not a perfect movie but most children would
Like it i would suspect
½ November 27, 2016
This movie is literally unwatchable. It's all one joke that gets old real quick.
May 21, 2016
I was checking RT scores of movies and that we're on and this was on...
September 27, 2015
Most people just get a dog.

Jack 'Deuce' LeBlanc has a rocket arm who is caught in a recreational game, drafted, and placed in the minors. He lacks control of his hard stuff and gets hammered throwing off speed pitches. The minor league team doesn't make much money; so in a desperation act, they purchase a baseball playing monkey to play third. Jack and the monkey have to be roommates and Jack's life changes forever.

"We don't carry bats in your size."
"We do now."

Bill Couturie, director of numerous documentaries including 30 for 30, Letters to Jackie, Vietnam Requiem, and Earth and the American Dream, delivers Ed. The storyline for this picture is miserable as is the monkey which is a funny man in a costume. The acting is dreadful but kids may enjoy the plot.

"I think we have a rocket arm."

I came across this on HBOGO and had to watch it with my daughter (we had never seen this before). This is a ridiculous kids movie with a horrible concept; however, I found my daughter giggling throughout the movie. This probably deserves less than 2 stars, but I am giving it two stars due to my daughter thoroughly enjoying this film.

"I'm going to spank that monkey."

Grade: C
½ April 11, 2015
Worst thing since the holocaust. I don't think there should be anymore to say about this crap; just don't see it
½ January 25, 2015
I'm not opposed to movies with animals playing sports, but this was just stupid. If it appeals to anybody it will be really young kids. (First and only full viewing - 7/3/2010)
January 17, 2015
Saturday matinee sewage.
½ August 12, 2014
There are no words to describe how awful and painful this was to watch...
May 29, 2014
It may be a kids movie, but that doesn't change the fact that it's stupid.
Joey Tribbiani (aka Matt LeBlanc) plays a farmboy who's in his rookie season with a minor league baseball team. Another player on the team is a chimp.
The rest is the usual sports cliche rags-to-riches stuff with jokes which fall flat.
I can deal with the dumb story, juvenile acting and an annoying ape, but the direction is incredibly bad, even for a terrible movie. It may have enough to entertain youngster, but for everyone else it may struggle to hold interest.
May 26, 2014
Cute movie. Not awful, not great. Mildly entertaining and fun to watch with the kiddos. My 16 and 12 year olds were willingly watching. :)
½ April 13, 2014
Believe it or not, it's DUMBER than you'd think.
½ March 11, 2014
You would be lying if you said that you weren't entertained by Matt Leblanc and a robotic monkey
December 10, 2013
Disgusting, irritating, poorly acted, repetitive, and the monkey didn't even look like a monkey. Without a doubt this film caves in within the first 5 minutes. It was a nice idea, but they conveyed it so unpleasantly and awkwardly that it ultimately made the film unenjoyable.
½ November 12, 2013
This movie has heart not a lot of brains but great heart.
½ February 26, 2013
Ed is some thing of a lame turkey though it does have its moments of entertainment with at least a couple of recognizable actors aside from lead Matt LeBlanc. A story of an underachieving team with a pitcher who has a fast ball despite never playing organized baseball, the pitcher goes into a slump and the solution is Mickey Mantle's chimpanzee. 5/10
February 4, 2013
Ed is the name of a baseball playing monkey for the Santa Rosa Rockets. Horrible, almost insulting to watch for anyone with half a brain.
January 10, 2013
Ed is terrible. The characters are one dimensional. The jokes are unfunny. The laughs are unintentional. The plot, well, I hardly even care. Overall Ed is one of the worst movies ever made.
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