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June 5, 2012

Holy crap! The dino effects! or lack there of! Jeff and Tony do what they can to keep from crying in this piece of shit. If they where willing to play in this, they'd deffintly come and help you out on your backyard movie. As a script writer and film enthusist, I can honestly say, this is the worst movie I have seen in a long while.
March 21, 2012
Horrible editing, horrible effects, horrible characters, and a horrible story. Horrible is a good word to describe this movie. The dinosaur looks terrible in many shots and other shots are just reused from Carnosaur. The characters and story are very boring and the ending is just terrible. One of the worst recent B-movies.
½ April 5, 2011
If you want to watch a real 'quality' movie get hold of The Eden Formula. This wondrous film must have cost all of $50 to make. It features a wafer thin script, pathetically bad sets, lighting and camera work, and a stop motion, paper-mache monster that is utterly laughable (it looks like they sometimes used a guy in a rubber suit and/or a glove puppet for the monster - but all were equally dreadful). The actors all speak their lines as though they've never seen them before and are reading off a teleprompter. The special effects are way beyond lousy. And the only sad thing is that they dropped the really nifty original title 'Tyranasaurus Wrecks' which sums up exactly what you get for the full 90 minutes.This is what happens when you scrape the bottom of the barrel so hard you break through to the crud that lies underneath.
½ March 14, 2011
"Dungeonmaster" writer & director John Carl Buechler's hilariously awful B-movie monster thriller "The Eden Formula" combines elements of "Jurassic Park" and "Die Hard" as an extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex rampages around Los Angeles thanks to a group of industrial spies that unwittingly have released this larger-than-life DNA experiment when they unlocked all the doors at a secret research facility on the edge of town in search of the title formula. Execrable special effects and lame jokes undermine this potboiler that contains approximately 77 minutes of action while the remaining time is devoted to credits. The T-Rex appears to be a blend of puppets with Claymation and bad blue-screening, but Buechler shows a modicum of imagination with one shot. We see the dinosaur stomping through the night streets and his reflection appears in a puddle of water in the asphalt. Altogether, the irony is that with a monstrous budget, this might have been a good beer and popcorn potboiler because the humor‚"aside from one scene from a kung-fu movie thrown in strictly for its puniness‚"is pretty good.

Dr. Harrison Parker (Jeff Fahey of "Wyatt Earp" & "White Hunter Black Heart") has created a secret formula that enables him to genetically duplicate any organism, but he depises what he has done and feels that he has been exploited by the corporation. Parker and Calgorin Industries honcho Rhonda Shapton (Dee Wallace of "10" & "E.T. : The Extraterrestrial") are up late one night at their research facility in the industrial park preparing for a stockholders' meeting a week from now where they plan to exhibit the dino to the board. Little does Parker know that his old nemesis from his military days, James Radcliffe (the brilliant Tony Todd of "Candy Man") has invaded the building and is on a mission to steal the Eden Formula. Radcliffe's henchmen secure the premises and unlock all the doors via computer. What they don't know is that a carnivorous T-Rex is dying to get out and feed until he bursts.

Actually, apart from the lamentable but laughable special effects, the screenplay as a text doesn't look too bad. Buechler has taken the premise of a dinosaur in a big city from the second "Jurassic Park" movie and this T-Rex stomps and chomps with bright red fake blood splattering everything in sight. When Parker and Radcliffle aren't going toe-to-toe and face-to-face, Rhonda is racing around the city in a police cruiser with the dome light blazing trying to alert the authorities. The 911 operator dismisses her phone call as a prank and spouts the immortal line: "Very funny, Mrs. Spielberg." There's one grueling scene where Radcliffle stabs Parker in the back of his hand and the huge knife pins Parker's hand to the chair that he has been tied up securely. The villains storm off to search the building for Parker's formula that he has stashed in the women's toilet.

"The Eden Formula" is a lot of hokum but it is hokum that is hilarious whether it's the dino slamming its head through a brick wall or our heroes and villain duking it out with one another. Gorehounds will enjoy the chomping scenes, but the ultimate pun is the kung-fu scene where Buechler goes through a lengthy song and dance to insert a pun moments before the T-Rex shows up to feed on cast and crew.
Super Reviewer
June 27, 2010
Bad, terrible, but ultimately enjoyable. How can anyone not love this? I'd rather see bad puppets and recycled footage, than another lame-ass CG romp. I prefer the alternative title to this Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. A bit of martial arts, a few moments of comedy, bizarrely placed car chases. This film makes the most of its budget, which is pretty much nothing. At least it has genuine talent such as Fahey, Todd and Wallace Stone, to push and pull the "plot" along. I'll never forget the wonderfully placed film-set satire scene.
December 8, 2008
The Eden Formula is a very poor, poor man's Die Hard, mixed with an even poorer man's Jurassic Park as terrorists (lead by the deliciously mad Tony Todd who hams up his bad guy role perfectly) take over a warehouse that's posing as a bio-genetics lab where the ultimate formulas have been used to create a giant and very, very hungry T-Rex. The lead suits for this formula are Jeff Fahey (smart, lead guy who also happens to have military ops training) and Dee Wallace (who pretty much runs around screaming the whole time). It's fun to see these three legends doing work, regardless of the silly story and cockamamie direction from another legend (sorta) John Carl Buechler (Troll, Friday the 13th 7, etc). Like I said, it's great to see these 3 folks playing decently-sized roles that are longer than 5 minutes. They all make up for the rest of the dreadful cast. Oh yeah, throughout the film, there is a T-Rex (sometimes large animatronic, other times hand puppet) that goes around and eats a shitload of people, adding to the moderately gory film. Yeah, when people aren't getting eaten, they are getting getting it right smack in the head with bullets or knives. Definitely low budget film, but surprisingly a VERY guilty pleasure sort of way.
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