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½ February 2, 2016
The scrap collector and humble man Edi and his friend tries to survive the only way they can. They collect scrap for a change and buy alcohol for their earnings. Some mob brothers and their sister get into the story as Edi is up for the task of making shure she passes her exams - Edi is known for his smart mind and passion for books.

Solid story that's lovely shot and spared of effects. Moving pans, great angles and a dark, gritty atmosphere. It's like a good versus the bad flick - the bad run over the good since they are rated higher in the human system. Sad stuff but there are brighter moments here. Nice quotes and a great film about a great man.

7.5 out of 10 TV's.
½ August 4, 2009
Piotr Trzaskalski takes a Dickensian stance in his feature debut Edi by telling a story about a motley crew of jolly scrap-merchants and dipsomaniacs with hearts of gold. The saintly appearance of Edi is further enhanced by the iconic, religious cinematography by Krysztof Ptak and by Wojchiech Lemanski's anthemic soundtrack. Allusions to christian imagery and theology are far from new in Eastern European cinema, but the matter of factness by which it is presented with here definitely represents a new trend of which Trzaskalski is at the helm. Too blunt for me, but confident and pretty to look at all the same.
½ March 6, 2008
Although the characters, acting and cinematographyare quite good, the ubiquitous polish tendency to show pretentious stories on miseries of life crushes any good sides of the film.
February 9, 2008
The best Polish movie I have seen. Ever.
½ August 5, 2005
A moving little story with a lot more depth than you can find in films nowadays. Really, a tale of morality and gangsterism all rolled up into a snuggly little story of one kind man. It really gives you hope for humanity.
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